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Query from Terri Blair:
“I’m writing from West End, New Jersey, USA. I am researching information on Brighton Beach, which I believe was the area on which the famous Long Branch, New Jersey (USA) resort was patterned during the Victorian era. I would be most appreciative of any relevant historical information you could send me. By the way, was there a “West End” in Brighton, England to which our West End section could be related? I have not yet been able to find a connection. Thanks for any help you can offer! (By the way, the ocean is still lovely here….we’re doing pretty well monitoring the water pollution from New York City.)”

Response from Geoffrey Mead, 23rd June 2001:
“Brighton Beach, New York, is undoubtedly named after Brighton, England – the country’s principle resort. (I would say that as it is my home town!) I visited Brighton Beach, New York last year …in November!! A great place full of Russians. Brighton certainly does have a West End. In a pure geographical sense, it is the adjacent community of Hove – a very upmarket area now absorbed into the newly created City of Brighton and Hove.”

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  • I myself would be interested in knowing if the Brighton area of the West End section of southern Long Branch, New Jersey, was named directly after Brighton, England or if it was a copy cat of Brighton, Brooklyn. (Which, by the way, is NOT a terrific place to visit but remains principally for the locals.)

    By Alan Drake (19/01/2005)
  • The Brighton and Hove ‘One picture a day’ photography site on Flickr has a great photo of the US Brighton Beach.
    Brighton Beach is easily walked on the boardwalk from Coney Island.

    By sjs (28/02/2008)
  • There are Brightons in Tasmania; a very small village, and Utah a skiing resort.

    By Sheila Beadel (02/03/2012)
  • I was born in Brighton UK (Whitehawk to be exact). When my family and I moved to Australia we lived in Brighton, South Australia. It also has a suburb next to it called Hove. They are nice beach suburbs but nothing like the originals. There is also a Brighton in Melbourne, Victoria, Perth, Western Australia, Brisbane in Queensland and a Brighton-Le-Sands in New South Wales, Aust. I’m sure there are many others around the world.

    By Eric Cook (02/03/2012)
  • There is a Brighton suburb in Boston Mass. I believe it is named after UK Brighton.

    By Iris Gilman (03/03/2012)
  • My wife is from Cornwall, we were driving to St Austell on a day out from Truro, I was surprised to see the small signposts saying Brighton. Brighton Cornwall is a small cross roads with a few houses and what looked like farm buildings; it’s on the A3058 about 6 miles from St Austell.

    By Michael Brittain (03/03/2012)
  • Not a town but a shop! Having lived in Holland for the last couple of years we were visiting a very small town in our local area in the north on route to a favourite coffee shop. Suddenly, there, right before our noses was a delightfull little shop filled with all manner of gifts and goodies and overhead hung the sign, Brighton! I guess the best of names get everywhere in society.

    By Sandra (03/03/2012)
  • The closest Brighton to BRIGHTON is only just across the Channel approx 30 miles NE along the coast from Dieppe near Cayeux sur Mer near the Somme estuary.

    By Dan O'Shaughnessy (04/03/2012)
  • A recent trip to southern Florida reveals yet another Brighton and the nearby Seminole Indian Reservation of the same name.

    By Sheila Beadel (09/04/2012)

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