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Brighton County Control Room - 1967

I was employed as an ambulanceman with the Brighton County Borough Ambulance Service between 1965-1970. During this time the ‘new’ control room was commissioned.  The photograph attached here shows the duty station officer, Frank Hurley aka Swoop, and control assistant Bob Foden on the 3-11 evening shift.

Notice the sate of the art communications system, old fashioned telephones!  The red phones were the ‘999’ lines, the blue phone a direct line to the police station, and the green phone a direct line to the fire station at Preston Circus.

The chief controller in those days was Stan Charlwood.

The control room
From the private collection of Peter Allsworth

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  • My happiest days were working at Brighton ambulance service, 1967/1974, under Mr Kimber and Frank Hurley. I was the first full-time lady ambulance driver and enjoyed everyday working there.

    By June Murdock (27/10/2013)

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