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Photos from 1910 and 1914

Hove Fire Station, George Street in 1910
Image reproduced with permission from Brighton History Centre
Hove's new motorised fire brigade, on 19th February 1914
Image reproduced with permission from Brighton History Centre

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  • By the time I served here at Hove FS in 1971 the doors to the right on this picture had been turned into another fire appliance bay which then housed the Water Tender. The bay that you see housed the Pump Escape Ladder. The room above, where you see people hanging out, was by then the dormitory. The window to the left in this picture by then housed the watchroom, with the canteen above it. Happy memories of this station as it was in the 70s.

    By Don Scott (26/10/2004)
  • I read with interest the comments of Don Scott remembering his happy memories of the station in the 1970s, but as I lived in the building in George Street from approx 1945 to 1955 I feel he must be confusing it with the main fire station in Hove Street. My father opened it as a second-hand car showroom in 1945 and we lived above. I also went to school in George Street and have many happy memories of the area.

    By Freddy Bauermeister (08/11/2004)
  • In all truth, being an enegetic young boy of the area, I did not notice the fire station inscription, moulded in the upper building facade, until I visited the old street in 1970. And it was a surprise! And tied in with the history of the long lost omnibus. By the way, before the supermarket was established next to the school, the store was a material shop called Stringers. Cars in my time were never sold on the street. On a hot summer’s Sunday, I went with my friend John Osmund, a farm boy, to Belcher’s who not only sold sweets, and we bought those blue rice paper bombs filled with sherbert, and slabs of Palm toffee. And I never remember the street being so sunny, warm and deserted.

    By Richard White (21/11/2004)
  • I attended George Street School in 1946. I have many childhood memories of the shops especially De Marco’s ice cream shop. At the top end was Colwells, where I
    collected parafin for my Grandmother. I would love to hear from anyone else who lived in the area to swap stories.

    By Pete Wilson (16/04/2007)
  • I lived in Flat 8, Fire Station in Hove Street, Hove until around October 1971. My father was a fireman there before we moved on to Uckfield. I loved George Street shops: De Marco’s, Whickham, Kimber & Oakley (bought my first single 45 record there); Bellmans, to name just a few. I attended Connaught Road Infant School, Goldstone Junior School (I think that was the name), then went to Davigdor Sec Mod for Girls. The last two long since demolished. We frequented the King Alfred swimming baths and bowling alley and used to ‘fish’ for crabs in the lagoons further along the seafront. I will always remember the old sweet shop in the parade of shops below the Fire Station, run by Mr Morris. What a wonderful childhood.

    By Ann Sellers (12/10/2007)
  • My father Terence Stewart and uncle Robin Stewart were firemen at Hove Street and then moved up to English Close.

    By rebecca smart nee stewart (23/01/2009)
  • My great grandfather, Owen Dumbrell, was appointed as Chief Officer to manage Hove fire station in 1893. In June 1926 the fire station was moved from George Street to Hove Street. And in 1942 Owen’s son, Harry, was appointed to manage the station.

    By Angie Gooden (nee Miles) (05/09/2016)

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