Memories of the Siren Theatre Company

Nightingale Theatre

This theatre is above a pub and in the mid-1980s a whole string of women’s theatre groups came to perform there. For me the best was Siren Theatre Company, a Brighton based lesbian theatre group, who started out putting on plays about the role of women in our society and graduated on to lesbian drama. It was very inspiring.

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  • I hope you enjoy the theatre when it re-opens just as much as you did during the 80s (or more, if that’s possible).

    By Damian (24/06/2003)
  • Thanks for reminding me about Siren Theatre Company – they were wild, inspiring, deep and lively.

    By Zayeet (03/07/2007)
  • Siren was a great company and Tash was inspirational. They performed many times at our theatre in the early 1980s and it is a tribute to them that so many can still recall their performances.

    By Rob (13/11/2008)
  • Hi, do you have any other knowledge of the Siren theatre or this theatre in the 1980s? I am researching Nightingale Theatre for a university report. Many Thanks, Charlotte.

    By Charlotte Whitehead (20/07/2011)

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