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The Studio Club

Has anybody memories of dancing down at Allen Dean’s in the late 1950’s early 1960’s?

This membership card is from those times. I and many others were taught how to ballroom dance and jive by John Dean with “Auntie” Lulu.

The dance floor was situated below in the basement the The Liverpool & Victoria Insurance Co. building in Grand Parade, which was demolished many years ago.

If you have any memories of Allen Dean’s please leave a comment below. Look forward to reading about your experiences.

Studio Club cards
From the private collecion of Fred Hards

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  • The Liverpool and Victoria Building is still there, different in colour (it was black before) but certainly not demolished. A very distinguished building in what has become a ‘skid-row’ of drink and drug hostels.

    By Geoffrey Mead (15/06/2011)
  • Hi my name is David Goatcher. I used to dance at the club on Friday night in the late fifties, and occasionally on a Saturday. I used to go with three mates, my cousin Brian Borrer, deceased recently. and Derek and Alan Grover. We would visit three pubs on the way. One to kick off, one to play darts and one for a sing song with an older lady who used to play the old Joanna. We used to run between venues!
    We drank rum and cokes while the classes were on and then joined in the dancing! My favourite partner was a lovely lady called Vis, who was a great ballroom dancer, at which I could pass muster too! Happy days!

    By David Goatcher (04/11/2023)

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