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Which pub in Albion Hill?

This photo was taken sometime in the 1960s. It is either the Albion Inn or the Spread Eagle pub in Albion Hill. Both pubs are still standing to this day, but as I remember those days, it looks more like the inside of the Spread Eagle.

My family used both pubs. My Dad is standing behind the the fellow with the glasses on, and my brother Bobby is the tall fellow standing on the left of the picture.

Do you recognise the landlord? Is that the landlady behind the bar? Do you recognise others in the group? Was it the Albion Inn or the Spread Eagle? If you can help, please leave a comment below.

The Albion Inn or The Spread Eagle?
From the private collection of Joy Panteli

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  • It is most certainly the Spread Eagle as my father has just confirmed. He lived at 84 Albion Hill until he married my mother in 1949. My grandmother had the corner shop and my grandfather had the dairy, both at 84 Albion Hill.

    By Jacqui (25/09/2011)
  • Lovely. This must have bought some lovely memories for your dad. Does he still use the pub?

    By Julie Annets (26/09/2011)
  • Yes, the photo brought back memories for him Julie. My Mum and Dad retired to Hurstpierpoint in 1983, so he does not use the pub now.

    By Jacqui (27/09/2011)
  • I live in Boston US. My niece told me about the latest ad for Lucozade. I googled and watched the video. Saw the Spread Eagle (now green but it is years since I was in that area). Saw the flat once occupied by a family member. A flash of another pub a few door above the Eagle. Too quick to name.

    By Iris Gilman (28/09/2011)
  • Hi Iris, the pub above the Spread Eagle was called the Albion Inn. Hi Jacqui - I thought it was the Spread Eagle so thank you for confirming that. Hope it bought back good memories for your Dad – perhaps he remembers my Dad Stan Smith? He used to play crib there on Sundays (or was he too young to remember). Maybe remembers my brothers?

    By Joy Pantelli (03/10/2011)
  • Joy – I will ask Dad if he remembers your dad and your brothers.

    By Jacqui (09/10/2011)
  • This is not the Spread Eagle. I lived there with my parents Owen and Pam Payton from 1968 to 1976. I think it is The Albion on the next corner up Albion Hill. I remember many people from those times. I was the youngster who played the bar billard table for hours on end. Regards 

    By Stuart Payton (20/11/2011)
  • I also remember the Spread Eagle as my aunt and uncle drank there – John and Joyce Handy. I remember staying with them at weekends and being allowed to come and play darts with your sister when the pub was closed early on a Saturday morning.

    By Sue Smith (26/02/2014)
  • This is The Albion. I am the new owner and the original bar is still in place and matches exactly with your photo.

    By Karen Ferrari (31/01/2015)
  • I don’t think it’s The Spread Eagle. My grandad owned it in the 1950s and when he had a heart attach my dad ran it for him until it was sold. So I spent lots of happy times there. As my dad died in December last year I can’t ask him sadly. 

    By Sue (06/07/2015)
  • Are you sure this is the sixties? Only I was living with your family in the mid sixties and can only ever remember going to the Albion Inn with your dad and brothers. Dennis and Gwen Alderson were the landlords at that time. I do remember that bar billiards  were introduced when Dennis took over.

    By Stan Sheppard (07/07/2015)
  • Dear Karen,
    Sorry but we have had to delete your post. We are no longer allowing the posting of requests to find third parties, as sharing information like this breaches their privacy. We recommend you try social media websites if you want to track family, old friends or neighbours.
    Comments Editor

    By Karen (17/03/2018)
  • Don’t know if anyone will read this as I’m late to the conversation. I live in Ohio and just purchased a pewter tavern mug with engravings that read, “T. T. Thorne, Spread Eagle, Albion Hill. Also, is marked VR 197 which is the measure mark for Brighton, and helps to validate the identiy of the pub. A makers mark in the bottom has the name Brown in the middle with other things that I cannot read. If I knew how to post a picture here I would. Just thought someone might be interested in this, or might know who T. Thorne was (the middle initial may not be a T).

    By Scott Phelps (13/03/2020)
  • I remember it as
    “The Albion Inn”
    I lived just down the road from it. Right opposite the Spread Eagle.
    Spent lots of happy memories there.

    By Valerie (27/09/2020)
  • This photo fits “The Albion” taken from the steps leading up to the Bar Billiard table.

    By graham (24/12/2020)

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