Zap Tent, 1986

Zap tent filofax flyer | Image from the Zap archive
Zap tent filofax flyer
Image from the Zap archive

The Zap Tent, emerging as part of the Brighton Festival in 1986, developed into a vital entertainment space for all things dynamic, sensational, affecting. Its yearly programme of events featured a diverse and alternative mix of musicians, comedians and performance artists from across the globe – from favoured Southern local comedians like Simon Fanshawe and Peter McCarthy, to Northern poets like Roger McGough, to European contemporary playwrights, to African ‘world’ musicians – bringing interest to a broad spectrum of the Brightonian festival-going public.

At the close of each year’s festival, Zap Tent traditionally held the ‘Zap Awards’ – a chance for honourable mentions to be made to the performers who had whipped up most audience wonder. Zap Tent grew in popularity and success over the years, going on to tour round other festivals in the country and give new talent platforms from which to experiment, as well as much-needed opportunities for public recognition of their art.

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In particular, we want to know if you have any other Zap filofax inserts. Did you, or anyone you know, receive a Zap Award? And do you know what year the Zap Tent ended?

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  • Does anyone have a picture of a Zap Award? I believe they were made by Promenade Pottery which used to be in one of the Arches close to the Zap.

    By John Cooper (23/02/2011)
  • Hooray! I can now answer my own question. Please follow this link to see two Zap Awards – and very splendid they are too!

    By John Cooper (28/02/2011)

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