Brighton Festival Fringe

Festivals of yester-year

Unfortunately, unlike the Brighton Festivals of yester- year, contemporary festivals have very few free to view events. Gone are the days when just walking through Brighton at festival time would be a colourful and fascinating pastime. Gone are the days when street entertainers came from all over the country to entertain and brighten Brighton. Being entertained in Brighton at festival time can now be a very expensive business.

Anything can happen

So it was good to see an event at Saltdean Vale where all the family could be entertained – for free. The show included singers, dancers, a slackrope walker, a juggler and a couple of acts which no one was quite sure about. These included a man who had beehives without bees, and a couple of weird chaps in bowlers pushing a box on wheels. But of course in Brighton at festival time anything can happen.

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  • I think the ‘bee-hive’ was actually a thinly disguised ‘what-the-butler-saw’ saved from the old West Pier!

    By Stefan Bremner-Morris (18/05/2015)

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