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Horton Road flats

Safe to play in the streets

The photos were taken outside of the Horton Road flats in Hollingdean. These were taken around the late fifties.

The kids in the photographs were all very good friends, and I think the girl with the tennis racket may have been Pat Robinson who has contributed to the Introduction to  Hollingdean section.

These were the days when it was fairly safe to play outside in the street.

Do you remember?

Did you live around here? Can you recognise yourself or anyone else? Please share your memories by posting a comment below.

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Outside Horton Road flats c1950s

Outside Horton Road flats c1950s

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  • Used to deliver papers to these flats. Had a good friend who lived in one of the flats. Malcolm. He was of Polish descent I think. Happy days.

    By Derek Bryant (05/06/2016)
  • Yes it is me in the photos! Also my brothers, Peter and Roger Richardson, and it looks like Chris Howard, our next door neighbour from the flats. We regularly used to play games in the road because there were very few cars. I’ll see if I can identify anyone else.

    By Pat Robinson (28/09/2016)
  • I lived in Horton Road opposite the flats. Yes, we did play on the road also the large park behind the houses.

    By Francis Port (04/10/2016)
  • I lived in 23 Horton Road, with brother Peter, sister Wendy and parents Cyril and Barbara, from mid 1955 (new) to Mum’s death October 1984.  Such a wonderful time with great neighbours, and only one car in the road – Mr Kayko of No 31, a Sunbeam Talbot.

    By Barry Scaping (05/01/2017)
  • Although I did not live in Hollingdean – are you the same Barry Scaping who played football in Germany in about 1965/66?

    By Nigel Underhill (13/01/2017)
  • Yes Nigel (super mod), there is only one Barry Scaping, now living in Lewes. That was some football trip!

    By Barry Scaping (23/03/2017)
  • Barry great to hear from you. Now living in east Northamptonshire to be nearer some of the grandchildren. It would be great to reminisce if you want to contact my email is

    By Nigel Underhill (26/03/2017)
  • My family moved into number 91 in this block in 1965; top floor left-hand side. Next door at 93 was Peggy Plummer. At 89 were the Howards; Nellie, Bert and Chris. At 87 the Richardsons: Norman, Zoe, Pat, Peter and Roger. At 85: Nellie and Bert Howitt. At 83: The Bookers: Ron, Eileen, David and Susan (+ ‘fluffy’ the cat.) I hope I’ve got all the names correct. All lovely people and remembered with great fondness.

    By Kevin Cooke (24/07/2017)
  • I lived at 24 opposite the first block of flats. great memories of my childhood lived there from when I was 2 until I was 25.

    By Derek Forder (02/03/2019)

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