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1900 John Jackson
1905 Frank Scott-Walford
1908 John Robson
1919 Charles Webb
1947 Tommy Cook
1947 Don Welsh
1951 Billy Lane
1961 George Curtis
1963 Archie Macaulay
1968 Freddie Goodwin
1970 Pat Saward
1973 Brian Clough
1974 Peter Taylor
1976 Alan Mullery
1981 Mike Bailey
1982 Jimmy Melia
1983 Chris Cattlin
1986 Alan Mullery
1987 Barry Lloyd

Any numerical cross-references in the text above refer to resources in the Sources and Bibliography section of the Encyclopaedia of Brighton by Tim Carder.

The following resource(s) is quoted as a general source for the information above: {123,124,214,215,312}

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  • I played as a schoolkid under Saward who I remember doing some kind of sponsored walk.  Clough and Taylor then came along. I thought Clough was nuts and a bit scary, but Taylor was brilliant.  Unfortunately Taylor left to rejoin Clough at Forest (and asked me to go too), but Mullery had taken over at Brighton and offered me a contract as a pro. I now have a great job teaching sport at a private school in southern Spain where I have lived for a number of years.  I am trying my hardest to keep my son away from football.

    By Paul Hubbard (20/02/2008)

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