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Calling all Moulsecoombers old and new

Moulsecoomb Library are asking for help from Moulsecoombers old and new. The library has recently been refurbished and among the new features of interest is an extended Local History section.  At the moment the management are looking for contributions of photographs to be added to their Local History notice board.

Have you got some old photos you would be happy to share? You don’t have to give up the images, they will be scanned and printed up for inclusion on the Local History board.

Moulsecoomb Library’s opening times are:-

Moulsecoomb Library

Monday Closed
Tuesday 10am-1pm 2-7pm
Wednesday Closed
Friday 10am-1pm 2-5pm
Saturday 10am-1pm 2-4pm

You can also contact them by phone on 01273 296910

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  • A wonderful idea. I was born in Moulsecoomb Way in 1954 and later moved to Colbourne Avenue from 1957/8 until about 1968. I went to both Infants and Juniors so will definately be having a rummage to see what I have in my photos. I am in West Sussex now but will travel over at some point soon to have a look at the Library and the History Board plus a look back at the Estate. If anyone remembers me and my family (the Clarkson and Harrod families)d41, please get in touch. My e mail is

    Editor’s note: Thanks for your speedy response Allan. I am sure the library will be very grateful.  Why not share some of your photos and your memories with us as well?  Uploading material is very easy – there is a video here you can use.  Let me know what you think? Email:

    By Allan (20/11/2009)
  • The last time I passed the Library was in 2005 and it looked almost derelict. During the 1960s I was working in the Borough Surveyor’s Office, Architects Dept, and was involved in the building of the College of Technology (now University). As I was near to the Library I was asked to keep an eye on the day to day construction. The Library building was designed by an American, a Martin Hayler, who incidentally designed the Woodingdean Library, also employed by the Borough Surveyor. On one particular day the huge, glue laminated timber beams were being erected, but the contractor underestimated the weight and complexity of the erection; consequently the scaffold collapsed. One workman was taken off to hospital, with no serious injury, however the Clerk of Works( a Charlie Trussler) on walking off the site to make his accident report, trod on a stub of reinforcing rod which was protruding from the edge of the floor slab, penetrating through his boot, and through his foot. One ambulance had just left the site, now we had to call another. A bit of a job explaining to the Ambulance service that we now had a second accident on the same site within a matter of minutes. Unfortunately, I cannot help you with any photos, I just have a few memories of this existing building.

    By Ron Burtenshaw (23/11/2009)
  • My family moved to Birdham Road in 1947 when I was just four years old. One of my earliest memories is trudging through waist deep snow because, as the record books tell us, 1947 was a particularly bad winter. I’m sure we must have some photos taken in the area so I’ll be having a look very soon.

    By Jack Strutt (11/01/2010)
  • I was in Moulsecoombe primary school in the 90s and we did the mural on the front wall of the library I believe we were in year 6. I would love to see some pics of the kids involved if there are any. I also believe we were on the news but not sure whether there is any footage out there.

    By Kenny Banks (02/12/2019)

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