A Brighton bus in Vancouver

Bristol VRT: click to open larger version
©Len Liechti
Bristol VRT: click to open larger version
©Len Liechti

Touring western Canada

In the summer of 2007, my wife Sue and I spent seven happy weeks touring western Canada, in the midst of which we saw our younger daughter get married in Banff, Alberta. We began the holiday with a week in Vancouver which has repeatedly been voted one of the best cities in the world in which to live.

A pleasant surprise

A number of buses provide tourist rides around the city, and on examining this Bristol VRT I was pleasantly surprised to find that it had began its life with Brighton, Hove & District/Southdown during the National Bus Company era. The left-side front and central passenger doors had been blocked off and a central door added on the right side, but the bus was otherwise materially unchanged.

Editor’s note

Wonderful Len, thanks for sharing.
Has anyone else encountered a Brighton bus in a different location?



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  • Thanks for the surprise, Len, and an interesting one.  Whoever had the ‘bus transported over the Atlantic was certainly keen to have it, be it someone from this tour company or a previous owner.  For interested passengers, it would be pleasant to think of there being a small sign inside giving a brief summary of the long and eventful history of the ‘bus, thus far.

    By Sam Flowers (24/10/2018)
  • P.S., With a bit of care, I’m sure the ‘bus will dutifully perform years of dependable service !  -  Looking online at interior photos of Bristol VRTs has been nostalgic, especially the earlier ’70s models I well remember in use in the Brighton area.  The solid upholstery : brown vinyl (?) and orange/brown fabric pattern of the seats.  Those models with the long plain seats at the very front (immediately after the driver) and/or at the back I found quite slidey to sit on !  The chunky metal stubbers behind the seats of the upper saloon … and the strips above the seats, along the entire length of the cream ceiling, with which to ring the bell.  I wonder how many of these features survive in the Vancouver ‘bus ?

    By Sam Flowers (25/10/2018)

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