The Last Days of the Pullman Works

As some of you may be aware, the site of the old Pullman Works is sadly being demolished. It was intended some years ago that the site would be considered suitable for a museum of Brighton’s railway history and up until recently, the building contained a huge variety of important and quite significant railway artefacts.

Sadly, because there is no road access to the site and the only access being via a steep hillside path with numerous staircases, or by rail, the transition into a railway museum never came to fruition.

The following photos were taken in October 2008, showing the Pullman Works Building as it appeared at that time.

More pictures are available at: “Pullman Works” from the directory menu.

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  • It is a shame, but that’s ‘progress’! Again it is a shame that this building couldn’t have been used for southern railway in one form or another. I personally have not looked into this project, but i hope the building could be saved, saying that, I did see demolition in some of the photos. I hope not another grand example of Victorian brickwork gone. Writing this for my late cousin – BR Guard Richard Earl, as he showed me the area once.

    By Andrew Buck (02/11/2008)
  • Observed the site this week 4th November 2008. Totally flattened only scrap metal awaiting to be loaded and taken away to Eastleigh. If you visit quickly and view from Highcroft bridge you may glance the three glass lined tanks which once were Esso, Shell and ShellMex tankers after they were separated from their bogies.

    By Ernie Cummins (06/11/2008)
  • Hello Andrew, Sadly the building has indeed been demolished. I went back to the site 1st November (from a safe distance this time!) and the only part of the building still in situ and relatively unscathed was the Wood Store so, sadly no, no-one thought it important enough to save which really gets me. There’s an old saying: “you never know what you have ’til it’s gone”, and now more than ever, I think people are starting to realise this.  A good friend of mine has produced a DVD of the building being demolished as a kind of tribute (there is a lovely little touch at the end where he plays a clip backwards and some of the damage is magically undone, but I won’t spoil it!) check out for more details.  It’s a really good thing that websites such as this are around, though. All the old ghosts come to life again.

    By Ghost-trains (11/11/2008)

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