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Street name changes

Corner of Middle Street and Duke Street, c. 1890: Corner of Middle Street and Duke Street, showing the shopfront of Phillips Tea Dealer, "purveyor of Tarracova Port and foreign wines, spirits and liqueurs". A group of people stand under a tree. A basket stands next to a crater in the road.
Image reproduced with kind permission from Brighton and Hove in Pictures by Brighton and Hove City Council

Please note that this text is an extract from a reference work written in 1990.  As a result, some of the content may not reflect recent research, changes and events.

f) STREET NAME CHANGES: The more significant changes are listed below.

Barrowcliff Street – Leicester Street
Blue and Buffs – Old Steine (nos.1-4)
Boar’s Lane – Air Street
Brunswick Place North – Ditchling Road (opposite Level)
Bury Street – College Place
Carlton Hill (below John Street) – Kingswood Street
Chichester Street – Kingsbury Street
Church Hill Road – Dyke Road (Upper North Street to Seven Dials)
Clevedon Place – Upper Sudeley Street
Cobden Place – Prestonville Road (south)
Cragg’s Lane – Duke Street
Dog Kennel Road – Hollingdean Road
Downs Road – Falmer Road (Woodingdean)
Drove Road – Peacock Lane
Falmer Close – FalmerGardens
Fleet Street – New England Street (south of Ann Street)
Freshfield Terrace – Freshfield Street
German Place – Madeira Place
Gloucester Lane – Gloucester Road
Golden Lion Lane – Market Street (north of Brighton Place)
Grove Road – York Road
Guildford Terrace – Carlton Street
Gypsey Lane – Upper Lewes Road
Hangleton Road – Tivoli Road
Lennox Place – Richmond Terrace (nos.1-3)
Lower Rock Mews – Rock Place
Lyall Street – Chesham Place
Madeira Road – Madeira Drive
Marine Street – Wyndham Street
Mill Place – Sudeley Place
Mill Place – Vine Place
Montpelier Road East – Viaduct Road
Montpelier Road North – New England Road
Nelson Street – John Street (Carlton Hill to Sussex Street)
Newlands Road – Bishopstone Drive
New Steine Street- Wentworth Street
New Street – Bond Street
New York Street – New England Street (York Hill to Ann Street)
Norfolk Avenue – Boundary Passage
North Lane – North Road
North Parade – Old Steine (nos.6-13)
Nottingham Street – Spa Street
Park Road East – Freshfield Road
Park Road West – Queen’s Park Road
Patriot Place – Tilbury Place
Peel Terrace – Dyke Road (Seven Dials to Russell Crescent)
Pelham Terrace – Pelham Square (south and west)
Prospect Place – St Peter’s Place
Prospect Row – St James’s Street (George Street to High Street)
Quarry Road – Greenbank Avenue (north of Mount Drive)
Queen Mary Villas – Bavant Road
Queen’s Road – London Road (Brighton)
Regency Cottages – St Margaret’s Place
Reservoir Road – Downland Road
Reynolds Avenue – Valley Drive (eastern end)
Richmond Road – Mighell Street
Rock Mews – Rock Place
Rottingdean Road – Roedean Road
St George’s Street – Pelham Street
Saltdean Drive North – Mount Drive
South Parade – Old Steine (nos.19-34)
South Row – Old Steine (site of Royal York)
Spring Street – Church Hill and Old London Road (parts)
Suffolk Place – Cannon Street
Surrey Place – Upper Gloucester Road
Sussex Street (below wall) – Morley Street
Town Parade – Grand Parade (southern part)
Union Street – MarineGardens
Union Street North – Oxford Place
Upper Trafalgar Street – Guildford Street
Waterloo Street North – Phoenix Place
West Drive – Rushlake Road (east of Forest Road)
Western Cottages – Sillwood Road
Wiston Close – Alan Way (Wiston Road end)
York Road North – York Hill
York Street – Eastern Road (east of Rock Street)
York Street – Camelford Street

Any numerical cross-references in the text above refer to resources in the Sources and Bibliography section of the Encyclopaedia of Brighton by Tim Carder.

Comments about this page

  • Any info on Sun Street or Arnold Street?

    By Marg (24/06/2008)
  • My great-grandfather lived on Sun Street in Brighton and it seems that the street name has been modified. It doesn’t figure on your list. What would Sun Street be named today? Thank you

    By Vanessa Champagne (29/10/2013)
  • Sun Street no longer exists. It used to run northwards at 10 Edward Street to Carlton Hill.

    By Andy Grant (31/10/2013)
  • Where was Cambridge Street, my Great Grandmother lived there in 1898

    Hello Terry – if you look here you will find a page about Cambridge Street.Jennifer: Website Editor

    By Terry Knight (12/08/2015)
  • Hi, I have just found my Great Great Grandad’s son’s birth certificate and it lists their residence as 15 Dimafroce street. It could also be Dinafroce Street, which was in the parish district of St Peter’s Church. The birth cert was dated 1882. This street name no longer exists. Does anyone know what it might be called now? Thanks 🙂

    By Susie (17/12/2019)
  • I think it’s Dinapore Street that you refer to. It ran between Albion Hill and Carlton Hill, and was demolished in 1965, high rise flats were built on the site.

    By Peter Groves (17/12/2019)
  • This is DINAPORE Street which ran between Albion Hill and Richmond St. The 1934 Kellys shows 40 properties. You do not give a name but #15 in 1934 was lived in by Gideon Goble.

    By Dr Geoffrey Mead (17/12/2019)
  • Probably Dinapore Street which was in the Albion Hill area.

    By Nicky (17/12/2019)
  • Susie,
    You must be referring to Dinapore Street which was demolished for re-development in the 1960s. There is quite a lot about it elsewhere on this site. I have an old Brighton street plan which does show it and could email you a copy if required?

    By Tim Sargeant (17/12/2019)

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