A reminder of days gone by

Tivoli Crescent tram shelter, Dyke Road Brighton
Photo by Martin Nimmo

There are still several Brighton Corporation Tramways shelters scattered about the town, having been constructed pre-1939 and served the trams, trolleybuses and buses – and indeed some are still in use nearly a decade after the Corporation sold Brighton Buses Ltd.

They were constructed in timber, and I recall a number (some of which remain today) – this one at the Tivoli Crescent terminus (now set into the wall, rather than stuck out in the road), another at the top of Miller’s Road, the “Pepperpot” in Queens Park Road, the old Hollingbury trolleybus terminus at the top of Surrenden Road, St Peter’s Church, and of course the bigger shelter and office that used to be found in the Old Steine until its demolition in circa 1972. There was also one at Fiveways, well into the trolleybus era. The shelter from St Peter’s Church can now be found at the Chalk Pits Museum at Amberley.

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  • Tram shelters still in use in 2007 are at Dyke Road/Tivoli Crescent (pictured above), Ditchling Road/Surrenden Road, Queen’s Park Road/Pepper Box and Ditchling Road/Upper Hollingdean Road. Also, the Volks Railway Palace Pier station building on Madeira Drive is a former tram shelter. Is there one at the little museum in Stanmer Park?

    By Peter Ticehurst (06/01/2007)
  • And the frontage of the “Kwikfit” building on the Vogue gyratory shows that it was the “tram shelter” by the Lewes Road station.

    By Briantist (25/03/2007)
  • There is a former bus shelter dating from around 1900 which still exists as a tobacconists and sweetshop in Eastern Road opposite Bristol Gardens. This was quite an elaborate and permanent structure built in brick as the then terminus of the Brighton Hove and Preston United Omnibus Company’s route 1!

    By Martin Nimmo (26/03/2007)
  • I think Mr Nimmo means the kiosk opposite Church Place, Eastern Road which in the 1950s was run by a Mr Jones. (Jones’ Kiosk). I note that this has recently been extended back to the wall of Sussex Mews. Somewhere I have a photo of this circa 1919 showing a solid tyred bus nearby.There is another one in a garden near Burwash which is becoming derelict. Perhaps the owners do not realise the significance of it. I will stop and advise them one day if it doesn’t fall over first. TCS.

    By Tim Sargeant (21/10/2009)

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