Aerial views 1991

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  • I feel it would be very helpful for future generations if the locations of the photos could be listed.  EDITORS NOTE: You can view the caption of each photo, by clicking on the image which will also enlarge it.

    By Tony Tilbury (18/01/2007)
  • The main heading is misleading. Surely only the first two photos show the A23 junction. Perhaps the direction of each photo would help e.g. “looking south down the A23” or “looking south towards Mile Oak” etc.

    By Alan Hobden (01/12/2007)
  • This photo confused me for a while reading the heading; the photo is actually looking south down the Hangleton link road at the junction with the A27.

    By Michael Brittain (07/03/2012)
  • I agree Michael. I referred to this confusion in my message posted back in 2007 on the “menu” page, but the heading still hasn’t been corrected! Alan

    By Alan Hobden (26/05/2012)

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