A lot to be proud of

Photograph of the Old Penny Arcade Museum sign
Photograph of Brighton Seafront and the Fishing Museum

There are aspects of Brighton that I really enjoy. I particularly like the pier, the Marina, the Old Penny Arcade and the entire seafront. There are activities for all ages on the seafront, such as, basketball, beach volleyball, art galleries and giftshops. I often go down to the seafront to relax of an afternoon. In the summer, there is always something going on.

Brighton as a seaside resort has a lot to be proud of. I think it rates as a cleaner and more entertaining place than other resorts like Blackpool or Southend-On-Sea. I am proud to be a resident, especially when I can see tourists flock to the area and enjoy Brighton as much as I do.

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  • I would like to know about the Brighton Centre, or to be more precise what was there before the present eye sore!

    By Kelly (04/04/2005)
  • That Brighton Centre. Well, I’ve been away from Brighton for some years but I reckon I’m right in ‘saying’ that the Centre was originally the Ice Rink where, every Sunday morning (the cheapest time) many of us would learn to skate, some having a pair of skates to use between say, three youngsters. Mild arguments about the length of time in use by each one would sometimes occur! It was also a venue for either sex to show off and make subtle arrangements …

    By Ron Spicer (30/08/2009)
  • About that Brighton Centre being an eyesore – can it be that the same architect designed the Towner Art Gallery stuck on the side of the Congress Theatre at Eastbourne? Both have similar characteristics and certainly look truly horrible! Ice Hockey and speed skating at the Ice Rink was enjoyed by many and it seems rather a pity that it has now been moved to a nondescript situation at the foot of Dyke Road where little if any information regarding the ice hockey etc., seems available – or has it … ?

    By Ron Spicer (30/08/2009)

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