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Viewed by a keen photographer

I am a very keen photographer who has always taken interest in Brighton and Hove.  After a brief meeting with Tony Mould from My Brighton and Hove, who told me about this site, I thought I would share some of my work.

I shot with a Nikon d300 18mm – 200mm VR lens or Sigma 150mm – 500mm Lens. I use a convertor sometimes as well as they come in handy from time to time. 

Brighton seafront with blue lights on the underwalk
Photo by James Willis
Snow at the Old Steine 2010
Photo by James Willis
Snow on Brighton pier 2010
Photo by James Willis
Snow at Maderia Drive
Photo by James Willis

Comments about this page

  • Nice shots James and unusual angles.

    By Tony Mould (19/04/2010)
  • Well done James. These are beautiful photos which you have taken.

    By Maralyn Eden (19/04/2010)
  • Great pix, James. If you’ve got any more, please share those with us too. Unusual views like these are always welcome.

    By Len Liechti (19/04/2010)
  • Great photos, James – many thanks for sharing them. Would like to see more if you have them.

    By Jean (19/04/2010)
  • Very nice James, look forward to seeing more.

    By Dave Phillips (21/04/2010)
  • Great photos, always thought the beach looked strange with snow on it. Last time I was down I stayed at The Royal Albion, in one of your pics.

    By Anne Newman (08/04/2012)

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