Moving to Brighton

My sister had a very very chilled-out kind of life style. I used to come and stay with her and it would be just get away from London, get away from everything. Just come and decompress kind of thing ’cause she lived in Farm Road which is just next to Brunswick Place so it’s near the sea and very relaxed. So it was a haven for me, Brighton was.

Diversity and acceptance
You could live in Brighton because it does have a lot of life going on and there’s a lot of different people and there’s a lot more acceptance and you could wear whatever you like down the street and no-one would really bat an eyelid – and it’s very young too. There’s a very young feel about it, even though it’s not studenty like some places are, because the youth seems to carry through the ages as well, rather than just being a young student area, or whatever . So I think that was why I was thinking it ‘s not a nowhere place which would just be grey and horrible.

You get so much more in Brighton
I do, I really like it. I sometimes go up to London and think so much more happens in London, but there’s so much more you get in Brighton.  You get the sea, you get the very kind of laid back atmosphere. The summer is wonderful and the festival is great. And you can feel part of things even if you’re not actually going to things very often.

Harriet Gill interviewed by Kate Darwin 20th April 2006

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