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Which fire brigade?

I found this picture when my uncle passed away There were a few photos but we knew who they were.

But we have no idea where this is. I’m assuming it is Portslade but it could be Southwick?

I know it is a long shot – but has anyone got any ideas?

If you can help please post a comment below.

Mystery fire brigade - click to open large version in a new window.
From the private collection of Michael Measor

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  • I couldn’t hazard a guess as to where the photo was taken, but when I was a kid in the late 40s my dad had a stall in the Open Market, and I was often there for a  Saturday with my dad. One day I was at the London Road end of the market when I heard the fire engine coming. I ran to the street and the open backed fire engine with a big wheeled long ladder was going very fast with a fireman clanging the bell like mad. There was always a policeman on point duty on the crossing outside I think Boots and he stopped the pedestrians and waved the engine straight through which seemed dramatic to me as a kid. The firemen sitting on both sides of the engine were wearing brass helmets as they are in the photo above. 

    By Mick Peirson (01/08/2017)

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