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Hobden's Butchers

This photograph shows a horse and trap owned by my grandfather, Herbert Ernest Hobden. He traded as a butcher at 19 Victoria Terrace, Hove (formerly known as 2 Alma Terrace) from around 1907 to 1946.

The shop is still there, with a blue and cream butchers shop front, but where was this photo taken? It is probably somewhere in Hove. The horse’s name was Kitty, but I don’t know who was holding the reins. It certainly wasn’t my grandfather.

Perhaps someone can identify the exact location? If you have any ideas, please leave a comment below.

Delivery cart of Hobden's Butchers.
From the private collection of Alan Hobden

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  • It reminds me of the lower end of Westbourne Villas.

    By Peter Barnard (14/09/2008)
  • It could possibly be the north side of Blatchington Road, near the Oxfam bookshop.

    By Amanda (17/09/2008)
  • Could it be somewhere like Cowper St? Where is Victoria Terrace?

    By Tara Malenczak, Portslade (19/09/2008)
  • I think Tara is very close with her suggestion, as I now believe the street where this photo was taken is nearby Shakespeare Street. I have taken a photo of Nos 24 & 26 on the south side. Obviously there have been some changes, but many of the original architectural features remain. Note the detailing above and below the windows, and above the doors. Also, the horizontal feature between the windows is the same, and the rainwater downpipes are next to the front doors, rather than between adjacent pairs of houses.
    There could, of course, be other nearby roads where this type of house was built. It is almost impossible to be certain where the original photo was taken.

    By Alan Hobden (27/09/2008)
  • Hello, regarding Victoria Terrace, it is the parade of – largely shops – on the South Side of Kingsway Hove, east of The King Alfred and South of St Aubyn’s, Seafield Road and Osborne Villas.

    By Jeremiah Homeward (30/05/2009)
  • I would suggest that you have a look at Nos. 13/15 Westbourne Street and match those to the picture. I think that one window has been opened up but, if not exactly there, you have the architecture!

    By Jan Malenczak (26/06/2015)

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