Where is this street in 1860s Brighton?

The view in 2008
Photo by Peter Groves

This is one half of a Victorian stereoview, from the 1850s or 1860s.  I’m assuming the street is in Brighton as there is a blindstamp on the left side of the mount which reads: Collings, Brighton 59 North Street.  According to the History of Photography in Brighton website, the premises belonged to a photographer called Robert Farmer in the 1850s, then was taken over briefly by William Collings from around 1861.  By May 1862, the premises were occupied by Wiliam Clark, another photographer, who was there for the next twenty years.

It’s obviously a hilly part of the town.  My best guess is that it’s somewhere between Richmond Road and the Lewes Road.  My husband suggested the other side of the Lewes Road, perhaps the Elm Grove area.  What do others think?  Can anyone definitely identify the street, please?

Editor’s note: Many thanks to Peter Groves who provided photographic proof of the location of this street.

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  • It looks like the corner of Ditchling Road and Warleigh Road, or maybe Vere Road?

    By Tony Tree (07/01/2009)
  • It’s the corner of Buckingham Place and Bath Street, between Brighton Station and the Dials. It looks very similar today although the beautiful canopies over the bay windows have been replaced with a more practical, but less attractive solution! The original wooden conservatory was ripped down about two years ago and a plastic one fitted, it still looks very similar!

    By Peter Groves (07/01/2009)
  • Millers Road?

    By One of the Bobs (07/01/2009)
  • Could it be going towards the top of Elm Grove facing The General Hostpital?

    By Pamela (07/01/2009)
  • Right on Peter, corner of Bath St and Buckingham Place.

    By Paul (07/01/2009)
  • It looks very familiar to me. It’s definately not the top of Elm Grove. But it does look like it could be down Freshfield Road to me? Not sure though.

    By Carol Homewood (08/01/2009)
  • Any chance someone could take a photo in the same spot, so we can compare?

    By Maralyn Eden (08/01/2009)
  • Peter, you are correct. Never seen this photo though.

    By Patrick Kite (08/01/2009)
  • Hi Jennifer, I’ll get a photo at the weekend, if you want it let me know.

    By Peter Groves (08/01/2009)
  • Peter Groves is right, it is definitely the corner of Bath Street and Buckingham Place. The house was converted into flats in early 2005.

    By Peter Foulser (09/01/2009)
  • Thank you for all the comments – I’m very impressed! Peter, a current photo would be great, please, if it’s possible to add one. Many thanks!

    By Honor (09/01/2009)
  • Hi Peter.  Well done for taking the photo, not a lot of change to the houses over the years.

    By Maralyn Eden (12/01/2009)

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