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Can you identify this house?

This is a photo of a Brighton house where one of my relatives lived. I’m trying to find out where it is, or was.

Can anyone help please?  If you can please leave a comment below.

Unkown location
From the private collection of David Carrington

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  • Not totally sure where it is, but there are numerous clues in the picture which had to be taken after the introduction of parking meters, the Ford 105E and the Morris Oxford Farina Estate. It also has to be in an area where the road or square was wide enough for cars to park nose on to the pavement and had a slight slope for surface drainage. The under floor vents and “Dutch Barn’ type roof makes me think of the area near Bartholemews or in the Laines near the Druids Head, but I cannot be certain.
    What’s the number on the door?

    By Roy Grant (15/04/2009)
  • Almost too easy – it is 11/12 Brighton Place, demolished in the 1960s.

    By Andy Grant (15/04/2009)
  • I think it was in King Street, between Church Street and North Street. A multi-storey car park now occupies the site

    By D Parr (16/04/2009)
  • I’m sure this is the cottage that would have been almost next door to the Druids Head, Brighton Place in the Lanes. It was demolished for the building to the entrance to Brighton Square. Have a look at James Gray website volume 9 picture 34.

    By Carol Homewood (16/04/2009)
  • It looks like the east side of Portland St, now in the North Laine. There are new houses to the south of it now and a derelict site opposite. Miraculously these cottages still exist.

    By Geoffrey Mead (16/04/2009)
  • The meters came into Brighton around 1963, but I don’t think that the house is there any more. The house is No 10 and it’s on a hill. The Morris or the Austin on the right is before 1963, I think it’s an Austin A60 (or A55).The Ford Anglia I think is prior to 1963, two door, and it looks like a Panda car because of the light (its probably not) on the top by the shadow on the ground. The sun seems to be the wrong side in relation to the hill, it would make the sun in the North.

    By Ron Edmonds (16/04/2009)
  • Spot on Carol Homewood. I agree on the cottage to the right of the Druids Head, where the steps now go up towards Brighton Square. What a shame that it was demolished.

    By Peter Groves (16/04/2009)
  • I have a photo of a house very similar to that. It has a caption that says Little East St, Summer 1953. The East St house is the same dutch barn style, has cars parked out the front, rear to kerb, is built of pebbles in the same way and butts up to a square concrete building on the left. It’s probably not the same house, but looks like it could be in the same area.

    By Eric Cok (17/04/2009)
  • I am grateful for all your help, particularly Carol Homewood’s reference to James Gray website. Volume 9 picture 43 shows the house at a similar time. Another photo says that this building was used as a domitory for Hannington’s staff. Not only have you helped me find the location, that also explains why my relatives were living there. I knew they had worked for Hanningtons. Thank you.

    By David Carrington (18/04/2009)
  • Glad to have helped. Weren’t you the man who had family working for Hanningtons funeral dept? It’s a fantastic photo David, can it be put onto the Lanes section on here now it’s been identified?

    By Carol Homewood (20/04/2009)
  • Not me, Carol. I believe my relatives were cleaners.  I’m very happy to have the picture put into the Lanes section.
    [Editor: This page is now linked into The Lanes section – see here.]

    By David Carrington (04/05/2009)
  • This photo looks like the old cafe that was in Preston Village.

    By David Hatley (21/01/2014)
  • If you enhance the photo, the number on the door is 11. Along with the evidence of James Gray’s photo No 34 in Volume 9 (as Carol pointed out), this is clearly 11 Brighton Place, Brighton with The Druids pub out of shot to the left at No 9.

    By Alan Hobden (22/01/2014)
  • As soon as I looked at the photo I said to myself its just by the Druids Head pub could not remember the name of the street though without looking it up – must be getting old!

    By Dennis Fielder (22/01/2014)

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