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Can anyone identify this school?

This picture has come to light in our family archive. We think it must show my husband’s grandfather who was sent to boarding school between 1881 and 1889. The photographer was in business in Brighton between 1867 and 1897. We know it is not Brighton College – can anyone suggest what school – presumably in the Brighton area – it might be?

Unknown school photograph
From the private collection of Christine Moore

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  • Hi Christine, Would it be possible to give the name of the individual who it is presumed went to this school? That may make finding it a little easier, there being little in the way of architectural features which might reveal the identity of the building itself.

    By Andy Grant (20/04/2009)
  • The person we think is in the photo would be Frederic Herbert Moore, born 18 Sept 1873 in Epping, Essex. His father (also Frederic) was Master of the Workhouse at Epping, and was a Mason, had a long and distinguised career, being invited onto the Board of Governors after he retired. Frederic Herbert was at home with his parents in the 1881 census and was apprenticed in 1889 – hence the dates I mentioned. It is known in the family that he was sent to boarding school somewhere, we have his wooden school trunk with his name and ‘No.28’ on it.

    By Christine Moore (21/04/2009)
  • Hurstpierpoint School?

    By Stefan Bremner-Morris (21/04/2009)
  • We need to know if the clergyman is C of E or RC. Somebody perhaps knows of the difference in the clerical attire. There was the Xavrian College in Queen’s Park which closed in the 1960s and consequently the Cardinal Newman School was established after it had closed.

    By Margaret Seymour (24/04/2009)
  • St Aubyn’s School in Rottingdean?

    By Jax (28/04/2009)
  • Xavarian College was in The Upper Drive opposite Cottesmore Primary and Secondary in the late 60s or early 70s but only for a year or so. My brother went there. Later, it merged with Cottesmore Secondary and became Cardinal Newman.

    By Renia Simmonds (nee Lambor) (02/05/2009)
  • Further to my last comment, my brother was at De La Salle College which merged to become Cardinal Newman. But I thought it was Xavarian College for a little while before that?

    By Renia Simmonds (nee Lambor) (03/05/2009)
  • Further to comments received, I have discovered two new clues. In looking at the photo with a magnifying glass I have seen that the boys all wear little round caps with a badge which appears to be crossed swords. Also, on the site ‘History of Photography in Brighton’ I discovered that W&AH Fry travelled quite considerably, specialising in outdoor group photos, so this school might not after all be in the Brighton area!

    By Christine Moore (05/05/2009)
  • I wold have thought that the clergyman is Church of England as he has a ‘mortar board’ under his hands and I do not remember ever having seen a Roman Catholic clergyman wear one.

    By John Walter (08/05/2009)
  • Could this be Lancing College possibly? The college was founded in 1848.

    By Andrea Lowndes (22/05/2009)

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