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Half Way House pub

At first I thought that this would be a Brighton pub. But I now know that Tamplins beer was sold all over Sussex.

Is the Half Way House a Brighton pub? If you can identify the pub please leave a comment below?

The Half Way House
From the private collection of Peter Gillies

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  • The Half Way house is on the corner of Station road Portslade and the A259 coast road, was still known by the original name until it closed within the last couple of years. I believe that the name comes from the fact that half the road is in Hove (Boundary Road) and half in Portslade, there may be another more exciting reason.

    By Neil Underhill (08/12/2010)
  • Not a Brighton pub. It was a pub at the bottom of Station Road Portslade. Half way between where I do not know. I played my first ever darts match there in 1963. I was 16 and was given half of mild for winning.

    By Geoff Wells (08/12/2010)
  • This is the one at the bottom end of Boundary Road Portslade I believe?

    By Lorraine Luke (08/12/2010)
  • The ‘Half Way House’ pub was in Station Road, Portslade-by-the-Sea and I would estimate this to be the first decade of the 20th century.

    By Andy Grant (08/12/2010)
  • Peter: this pub was situated on the coast road at the end of Kingsway; just before Wellington Road on the corner of Boundary Road, Portslade.

    By Ken Chick (08/12/2010)
  • Many thanks to all those who have made comment it is much appreciated. Time for a visit to see what remains.

    By Peter Gillies (10/12/2010)
  • The vehicle on the left of the photo is a double-deck horse tram of the Brighton and Shoreham Tramway, and dates the photograph to around 1900.

    By Martin Nimmo (14/12/2010)
  • A superb picture. The building still stands but unfortunately is no longer a pub. As the tram is horse and not steam powered, the date must be between 1893 and 1913. For more details see “Brighton’s Tramways” by Robert J Harley.

    By Pete Coppard (25/12/2010)
  • The Half Way House was the pub where most of my family used to drink and where I got very drunk on my first Christmas as a working man. That was Christmas 1964, and while I say “man”, I was in fact still just over a month short of my 16th birthday. The shop canopy and the flag pole, just over the head of the lady on the corner of the road, belonged to what in 1942 was Parrot’s General Grocery Store, which in turn was on the corner of Belgrave Square. In total some 16 members of my family occupied 5 of the 14 houses in Belgrave Square until my grandparents moved out in 1942. I suspect the pub’s name may stem from the fact that it was half way between Brighton and Shoreham. Today it is a photographic studio.

    By Alan Phillips (12/07/2011)
  • The small building on the south side of the road has had a very varied history. In 1941/2 I was employed there, turning Churchill tank axles. My ‘apprenticeship’ lasted nearly a whole morning. When we had turned enough to fill a wheelbarrow we had to take them to a workshop, opposite a pub in Wellington Road, to be case hardened in a cyanide bath.

    By Edward Brooke (25/07/2011)
  • Sadly this pub was recently demolished (December 2014).

    By Paul (05/01/2015)
  • For anyone who wants to see what this building looked like before demolition, it can still be seen on Google Streetview at present (as Phase Photographic) on the corner of Station Road, Portslade-by-Sea and Wellington Road (the coast road, A259). 

    By Alan Hobden (05/01/2015)

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