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Is this a Brighton street?

This wonderful picture could be Brighton, but only from its very incomplete provenance.

On the right is the Queen’s Head. Further along the road on the left is the Queen’s Hotel. Immediately on the left is a game dealer with rabbits hanging outside and next to him is the The Griffin.

In the centre on the wall, top line, it says  ……rove; the bottom line reads  …..taker. Undertaker perhaps?

If anyone can help with where and when, please leave a comment below.

Is this a Brighton street?
From the private collection of Peter Gillies

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  • Fantastic photo. I hope someone can identify it. It would be lovely if it was Brighton as I have never seen a photo like it before. My first thought, and it is only that, is it resembles Pelham Street looking towards Trafalgar Street.

    By Carol Homewood (11/01/2011)
  • Hi Peter, Almost certainly not…. there are three discernible buildings shown here, of which I have no details as to being in Brighton. These are a pub on the right called the Queen’s Head, in the distance is the Queen’s Hotel and at the left is Welch’s game dealer. From time to time Brighton may have had premises so called, but not all in this unfamiliar street. Regards, Andy

    By Andy Grant (12/01/2011)
  • Could it be Trafalgar Street looking up towards Pelham Square?

    By L griffiths (12/01/2011)
  • This looks very much like Boyces Street.

    By Julie Annets (12/01/2011)
  • Sadly this is not Brighton. The photograph is of Chapel Street in Luton. The Griffin public house was at 9 Chapel Street and T. Welch the butcher and game dealer was next door. You can see an almost identical picture on the Central Bedfordshire website if you follow this link :

    By Chris Taylor (13/01/2011)
  • Great photo Peter – and well done to Chris. How did you manage to identify the scene? It reminded me of the narrow streets near the Market Square in Kingston-upon-Thames.

    By Alan Hobden (18/01/2011)

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