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Can you identify this school?

I lived in Brighton as a small child, approx 1947 to 1952-3, living in the basement of one of those magnificent Victorian/Edwardian houses on Montpelier Crescent.

The class photo is at an unknown Brighton school. It was somewhere near the seafront, as I used to ‘wag’ school and play on the seafront near the pier. I’m standing on the extreme left of the picture.

Do you recognise yourself or anyone else in this photo. Can you suggest which school this was? If you can, please leave a comment below.


Primary schoolchildren from an unidentified Brighton school
From the private collection of John Maddock

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  • I am taking a guess at this, but looking at the photo very closely I would hazzard a guess that this is St Margaret’s School that was in Queensbury Mews, as this is the only school that I know of that is near the seafront. Hope this can be of some use to you. I am former pupil of St Margaret’s so its possible that our paths crossed at some time.

    By John Wignall (14/01/2011)
  • Could it possibly be St Paul’s School, which used to be in Russell Place, roughly where Habitat is now?

    By Andrew Eaton (01/03/2011)
  • I, too, went to St. Margaret’s, but we lived just off West Street and I knew St. Paul’s Church and school quite well – there was a kind of cloister next to the church that we ran through to the road beyond. My feeling is that this is not St. Margaret’s as I don’t recall any of the classroom windows being quite so low.

    By Maureen Kermode (08/08/2012)
  • Yes this is St Paul’s Infant School in the 1950s.

    By Dudley Templeman (15/01/2013)
  • I agree with Dudley that this was taken at St Paul’s in Russell Road.There is a photograph of St Paul’s classroom on the school’s page,and the door and windows are exactly the same. I was at the school from 1951-1957 and still have all my school reports.Mr M Hook was the headmaster until July 1955, and was superseded by Miss Watts. I have very fond memories of my time there.

    By Peter Maurice (17/01/2013)
  • This is definitely St.Paul’s School because I’m in this photo! Hi John Maddock – I’m standing second from right, back row, blonde with plaits and I was Pam Bryant. I remember you but didn’t recollect your name! Also in the back row are Leslie Markwick, Carole Leedham, Brian ?, Carol Weaver. First right sitting is June Piddington. That’s as much as I can remember – more than you if you can’t even remember the school’s name, ha ha! Suggest you look under ‘St. Paul’s School’ as there are more photos that will maybe jog your memory. Best wishes Pam

    By Pamela-Ann Nothoff (was Bryant) (16/08/2013)
  • A thank you note to Pamela-Ann Nothoff for providing information about my school photo. Better late than never. Thanks for the information. I can now include it in my family history.

    By John Maddock (30/08/2015)
  • This is St Pauls West Street, I am second from left back row.
    There was a wooden playhouse in which I once shut myself and barricaded the door with the play furniture. ………I didn’t like it much at St,Pauls, it was always very dark and gloomy.

    By Lesley (16/07/2020)
  • Does anybody have pics of varndean girls school 1961-4? Miss Clark was headmistress. Or remember anyone from those years?

    By Linda Smith (19/07/2020)

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