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Local lovelies in c1960s carnival parade

This photograph won 1st place for local man Barrie Searle, in an amateur photographers competition run by the then ‘Evening Argus’ – it was probably taken in the mid 1960s.

These lovely ladies were part of a float in the Brighton Carnival and were snapped when the parade got to Preston Park.

Do you recognise one of these local lovelies? If you can identify anyone, please leave comment below.

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Evening Argus promotion lovelies
Photo by Barrie Searle

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  • I do believe the girl on the left is my sister, Mary Reed, nee Cording.

    By John Cording (12/02/2011)
  • That is interesting John. I wonder if your sister could name the other girls, also that year of the Brighton Carnival. My memory is not that good

    By Barrie Searle (15/02/2011)
  • Sorry to disappoint you boys but the girl on the left is not myself! I believe her name is Ann Richardson, then I think it’s Estelle Whiting, Paula Young? And on the right is Valerie? Not 100% on the year, its either 1964/65 I think! Any more photos?

    By Mary Reed (08/03/2011)
  • For Mary Reed, is it possible that the girl on the right could be Anne Underwood? She would be 2nd from right in the 1965 photo. If so I know it’s 3rd hand information but I do believe around that period she was involved in a car crash into the Mill Road railway bridge and suffered serious injuries. I have no way of confirming this but if the Argus has an archive it would be there.

    By Bob (25/04/2011)
  • Paula Young was my mother and that’s definitely her. I’m amazed. She passed away in 1990 and I would love to see more pictures of her from this time or hear from someone who knew her. I live in Vancouver, Canada and have a husband and a three year old son who never met her. Anything you could give would be so wonderful… I’d love to learn about her before she was married to my father. Thank you for posting this!

    By Sh'eli Mullin (06/06/2011)
  • Hi Bob, the girl on the right is indeed Ann Underwood, she was my first girlfriend back in 1952/53 and we used to go to Stanford Avenue Methodist Church. and Stanmer Secondary School (I think she lived in St Andrews Road at the time with her Mother).Her accident was indeed a tragedy leaving her crippled, but she did go on to have a son called Michael.

    By Tony Stevens (08/11/2013)
  • This was probably taken at the 1964 Carnival, there is a video on this site of the carnival when it arrived at Preston Park. i think if you put Brighton  carnival in search bar not sure if you have to add 1964 you will go to the video. Hope it is of interest.


    By Ken Ross (11/11/2013)
  • Just a bit more re carnival site on the list that comes up look for the page Filmed in 1964 that will then take you to it.

    By Ken Ross (11/11/2013)

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