Mystery clock number 2

Do you recognise this clock?
Photo by Tony Mould
Brighton College, showing the clock
Photo by Tony Mould

We know from your emails that you enjoy seeing ‘mystery photos’ and working out just where they were taken.  Well, just to be a little different, we have a ‘mystery clock’ series.  Every week we will publish the detail of a well-known city clock.  It will be your task to identify it and post your guess in the comments below.

This one did not take you all long to identify!  Can you recognise the next mystery clock here?

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  • This looks like the old Training College on the lower part of Ditchling Road at the junction with Viaduct Road.

    By Martin Nimmo (11/04/2007)
  • But on reflection, it could even be on Brighton College, Eastern Road (my excuse for not suggesting this first time is that I don’t believe I ever saw it at 11.50, as I was in lessons!).

    By Martin Nimmo (11/04/2007)
  • Brighton College

    By John Wall (15/04/2007)
  • It’s Brighton College, see this from

    The old RE Records Office is a slate roof

    By Martin Snow (17/04/2007)

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