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Can you identify this School?

Can you help in identifying any of the pupils and then perhaps, the school. The smallest boy, right at the back of the classroom, is almost certainly Harold Michael Muggeridge who attended Varndean Boy’s School in 1901 aged 11, but was the picture taken at Varndean School?

It is interesting that the Master on the left also appears in another school picture previously submitted in which my Father William Muggeridge is present. To my knowledge my Father did not go to Varndean School.

If you can help or have any information, please leave a comment below.

Undated photograph of unknown school
From the private collection of Gordon Muggeridge

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  • I would reckon it’s the Brighton Junior Tech or The Building School.

    By John Snelling (08/07/2013)
  • I had wood work classes in1940-1943 at Ditching Road senior boys. The teacher was Mr. Outridge who was a wonderful teacher, and to whom I owe a great deal. He taught between air raids and trips to the trenches. I am not sure this is the room but it looks like it.

    By John Booker (10/07/2013)
  • I don’t think it was the Building School, I went there from 1949 to 1953. From the way the boys are dressed they look to be pre WW2. I don’t think the BJTSBE (“Building School”) existed at that time. My memories of the carpenters shop did not look like that, but before my time there it could have been just like that.  Until 1948 boys entered the Building School at 13, in 1949 11 year old boys were admitted for the first time, I was one of those boys. 13 year olds continued to enter until the school closed in the 1970s. From the look of the boys in the photo, they could be 13 year olds. I have always assumed the school opened soon after the war in 1945.
    There may be some information on this on other webpages about the “Building School” on this website regarding the year it first opened.

    By Vic Bath (31/05/2016)
  • Thankyou one and all for you comments. The photo would have been taken around 1913. As previously mentioned, his final school was Varndean. Gordon Muggeridge.

    By Gordon Muggeridge (10/07/2016)
  • I don’t think grammar schools had Woodwork in those days did they?

    By Diane (10/07/2016)
  • It looks like Sussex Street School where we used to go for Woodwork and Metalwork once a week. We went there from St.Lukes senior school in Finsbury Road from 1960 to 1964 when I believe the Finsbury Road school closed.

    By Graham John Baker (02/12/2019)

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