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Uncle Brighton Children's Show

Uncle Brighton Children's Show
From the private collection of Jennifer Drury

Does anyone remember these shows? I am aware that there was an ‘Uncle Jack’ who ran children’s talent shows on Peter Pan’s Playground. But this show clearly was not staged there and the chap with the microphone is definitely not ‘Uncle Jack.’

Who was ‘Uncle Brighton’ and where did he stage his shows? If I was asked to guess a time – I think I would have said the 1980s – but I could be wrong. What about the performers? The singer looks like a Davey Jones from the Monkees look-alike – and his ‘band’ are resplendent in their rock and roll hair cuts.

Can you shed any light on this photograph? Do you remember Uncle Brighton? Where was this photograph taken? If you can help, please leave a comment below.

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  • By the clothes I’d say it was earlier than 1980s. Possibly mid to late 1970s. Hard to say where it’s taken though but my first thought was the Pavilion Gardens but there’s nothing from the pic to suggest this.

    By Carol Homewood (30/08/2012)
  • Looking at the car parked behind the stage area I think your assumption of it being the 1980s is not a bad call Jennifer. As to the location, I would hazard a guess it being Blakers Park off Preston Drove. The reasoning for that is in the background through the trees there is a drain pipe on what looks like a terraced house; Blakers Park is surrounded by trees and Victorian terraced houses, it is also the venue for summer fetes. That’s my guess, but I’m sure one of the many readers of the MB&H website know the location and who Uncle Brighton is.

    By Michael Brittain (30/08/2012)
  • Couldn’t date this, and never heard of Uncle Brighton (who is presumably the guy in the woolly hat), but I’d say the location is Pavilion Gardens, because the glimpse of the building through the trees looks very much like the Pav or the Dome. Jennifer, where do you find these amazing photos?

    Hello Len – I spend hours and hours searching through online photographic collections. It takes a lot of patience cos you pass hundreds of rubbish to find the occasional gem. Jennifer

    By Len Liechti (05/09/2012)
  • In the Brighton & Hove photographic collection ( there is a photo of an Uncle Brighton Children’s show near Brighton seafront arches on Madeira Drive, dated 1984. It looks like the same man to me, though I don’t personally remember him at all. Alan

    Sorry Alan, being dim here, which collection are you talking about? Jennifer

    By Alan Hobden (06/09/2012)
  • I found the collection here Jennifer: I just googled “Uncle Brighton Children’s Show” and it came up. Alan

    Thanks Alan: I keep forgetting the QueenSpark collection. Yes that definitely is him – so my 1980s guess was spot on! Jennifer

    By Alan Hobden (06/09/2012)
  • I used to belong to a talent and morris dance troupe which was called Uncle Brighton’s, it was a long time ago in the late 70’s early 80’s, we used to perform by the arches and around the old west pier. I remember doing a number from the smurfs. I cant def say it was the man in the picture because it was so long ago but I think its him. He was from Moulscoombe. Hope that helps; funny enough I thought about it today and decided to see if there were any pictures, hence arriving at this site.

    By Karen Young (16/09/2012)
  • Just lookked at photo again its def him. If this was in colour his hat would have been red and white as that was the colours we danced in. Blimey what a turn up. Off to tell my friend who was also in it with me!

    By Karen Young (16/09/2012)
  • Karen Young, not sure if you remember me but myself and my sister Donna Mercer were also in the talent show and were Morris dancers. Uncle Brighton came from Moulscoombe hes name was Brian and wife Iris and Ted and Ethel who were the grandparents and their daughter was Yvette. We were can-can girls and went for practice at Ethals every week in Buckingham Road, Brighton.

    By caroline mercer (11/06/2013)
  • I remember Uncle Brighton very well indeed , he was my father. good memories.

    By Matthew Wing (27/03/2018)
  • I also remember Uncle Brighton very well, He was also my father, There are four of us, Yvette, Brenda (Myself), Marion and Matthew. I have an Album full of all the photographs and once I have made contact, These photos can be looked at and ordered. I have also seen people’s memories on facebook of Uncle Brighton’s Talent Show, I don’t use Facebook myself but am now trying to make contact with people that have remembered him.

    By Brenda Smith (27/03/2018)
  • I am Uncle Brighton’s daughter and I would like to organize a reunion. Just comment underneath if you are interested in joining in.

    By Brenda Smith (16/09/2019)
  • I do not remember uncle Brighton, sorry but I do remember going down to Peter Pan with my parents , we all sat in deckchairs & watched the talent shows,I am 71 now it would have been in the 50s.

    By Colin Cass (31/08/2020)
  • Would love to see some photos Brenda, I’m Caroline if you could email me I was going to meet for coffee then dreaded lockdown.x

    By caroline mercer (06/02/2021)
  • Hello Caroline , I’ve sent you an email with Brenda’s phone number and she would love to hear from you and anyone else from the dance troop as it would be a great memorial to our parents.

    Kind regards,
    Brenda and Matthew.

    By Matthew Wing (20/09/2023)
  • Hi there,
    My names mark Carew and
    I remember it all very well.
    Yes I think it started at the west pier promenade then it got moved to Peter Pans playground and I remember Brian well and Iris.
    They were very kind and gave the kids cash prizes.
    There was one lad called Robert Bright who went on to play Elvis in a Westend musical with Shakin Stevens, not sure what happened to him as late and as for myself I ended up doing a west end show called Banardos back then and to date have been playing live music all over Europe and the rest of the world with my band called the Long tall Texans
    Which I’ve been doing since early 80’s,
    so this Talent show Brian and all included helped me on my journey,
    of music and confidence and thank them very much for that,
    obviously I don’t know if they are around now.
    I will dig out a photo I have somewhere.

    By Mark Carew (10/11/2023)

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