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Kemp Town Boys - 1920

My father, Ronald McBrien is located in the third row from the front and fifth boy in from the right hand side of the photo.  I have no other names for this photo. The date is 1920.

At the front there is plaque saying K.T.B. 1 and 2.  It is my assumption that this means Kemp Town Boys as at that time my Grandfather was living at 4. Whitehawk Road.  Can anyone confirm this K.T.B. school?

Class photo K.T.B. 1 and 2 - Dated 1920
From the private collection of Chris McBrien

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  • The photo looks suspiciously like St Mark’s C of E School in Arundel Road. I have just submitted two photos taken in the same place in the playground in the 1960s. When they are published, the photos can be compared, but I’m pretty sure it’s St Mark’s.

    By Michael Brittain (06/02/2010)
  • Michael, it also looks like St Mark’s C of E in Arundel Road to me. I left there about 1961/62 the year we beat the rest of Brighton junior schools at boxing at Fawcet. There was a quarter of the back page in the Evening Argus with a picture of us titled “Pint Sized Puncher’s”.  Anybody remember that? I used to live in Marine Square.

    By Kim Orzynski (15/02/2010)
  • My photo of St Mark’s School in 1967 is now published on this site; it looks like the photo was taken in the same place.

    By Michael Brittain (25/02/2010)
  • I was in the boxing team in 1961/2. I would be very interested in reading the article in the Evening Argus should anyone have it? I would also love to see a programme of the evenings bouts, again should anyone have one? I have got a boxing photograph of Kim Orzynski and the rest of the boxing team.

    By John Mountford (18/07/2010)

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