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H. Peters

From the personal collection of Paul Woods

I came across this photograph some years ago when my  grandfather’s brother passed away – Mr Ronald Woods.

It was with the image of Hudson Bros which is published here.

No one is sure if these are connected at all. It would be great if anyone can offer some information.

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  • I looked in Kelly’s 1914 and though there are lots of Peters in the commercial section none are at an address with that high number and the buildings do not resemble B&H styles. Could that CRO to the right of the image indicate Croydon?

    By Geoffrey Mead (20/09/2017)
  • In fact those first three letters are GRO not CRO, so I suspect it may be for Grocers.

    By Alan Phillips (22/09/2017)
  • Could that CRO to the right of the image be GRO which could indicate the word GROCER instead? Hope that may help.

    By Mike Hookham (22/09/2017)
  • Hi all, long time since I’ve been on here but this picture looks intriguing.  Mainly because the building numbers are 228 and 226 and there aren’t that many roads with numbers in that range.  Also 228 is on a street corner.

     I looked at Portland/New Church Roads, and Ditchling Rd/Preston Drove at Fiveways, but either the numbers are residential or they’re the wrong way round.

    Then I thought to look at EASTERN ROAD.  Number 230 on Google maps is a funeral director’s on the corner of St Mark’s St near the hospital.  On the opposite corner is where 228 and 226 would be; but there is a modern-ish mews-type development there now.  So if someone has a Brighton directory you may be able to find what was at 228/226 Eastern Road in an earlier era.

    By John Warmington (01/10/2017)
  • Hello Paul. Where did your grandfather’s brother, Ronald, and other members of the Woods family live at that time?

    It doesn’t look like Brighton & Hove to me, but more like the main thoroughfares of South London, with its wide pavements. The one in this photo looks at least ten feet wide.

    By Alan Hobden (02/10/2017)

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