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1970 photograph

Mystery photo
Royal Pavilion and Museums Brighton

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This photograph was taken in 1970; if I was guessing just where it was,

I am afraid I would be stuck.

But I know that someone from the MyBHers will know.

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  • A bit of a giveaway really with the name of the first street on the left  (Quebec Street) on the wall. It is off of Albion Hill.

    By Mick Peirson (06/06/2018)
  • This is, I think, taken looking down Southover Street, with Finsbury Road to the right and Quebec Street to the left.

    By Philip Burnard (06/06/2018)
  • Just a guess without checking but maybe the top of Church Street heading down towards Queens Road?

    By Allan Clarkson (06/06/2018)
  • Wow!! top of Southover Street, I lived close by in Scotland Street 1979 to 1986!

    By Peter Groves (06/06/2018)
  • Yes, it certainly is the top of Southover Street, looking down to Montreal Road and Quebec Street on the left, with Finsbury Road on the right. My mother went to the school in that road. It was converted some years ago into apartments called Hanover Lofts I believe.

    By Alan Hobden (06/06/2018)
  • I maybe stand corrected, as Peter says Southover Street.

    By Mick Peirson (07/06/2018)
  • Great to see this photo. I went to Finsbury Road Juniors from 1946 until 1949 when my family moved to Devon.  My Uncle Ted Jupp used to have a wet fish shop on the other side of Southover Street.  I think it was one of the small shops just below Quebec Street, he was still there when we moved away.  Happy days remembering the school and ex classmates.  We lived in Belgrave Street from the start of the war until 1949, when we moved to Devon. My sister Audrey also went to Finsbury Road from 1943.  We both went to Richmond Street Infants before moving on to junior school at Finsbury Road.Rita Hider (nee Foulkes)

    By Rita Hider(nee Foulkes) (07/06/2018)
  • My guess was awful and I use to live up there 🙁

    By Allan Clarkson (07/06/2018)
  • The same view down Southover from approximately the same position except the Google Street View car uses a system of very wide angle matrixed lenses so proportions differ.

    By Bob Catt (08/06/2018)
  • Bert the barber shop on the corner of Quebec St (left) where I used to go for my SB&S, and on the corner of Finsbury Rd (right)was Chates, if memory serves me right.

    By Terry Anderson (11/06/2018)
  • I believe the picture is walking down to Southover Street. Nadine.

    By Nadine Plentie (13/02/2021)
  • I used to live in 48 Albion hill, the first house after Quebec street, from age 9 – 17, 1979 – 87. Walked up and down and across that area, I don’t how many times when I used to live there.

    By Wolf Devoy (18/03/2021)
  • This is Southover Street. The shop on the left with the children playing was Goldsmiths Bakery shop. Bert the barber opposite and the sweet shop which had an old printing press in the cellar.

    By stephen teasdale (15/06/2022)
  • Certainly, Southover Street, There is a mini roundabout at that junction now.

    By Barry (26/07/2022)
  • Definitely Southover Street my mum’s best friend lived there, the Mutters!

    By Mrs I Cumming (26/12/2023)
  • The building straight ahead on the left, my parent initially rented the flat which ran over the 3 shops underneath. My dad ‘Mac’ McCarty ran an electrical repair shop. The block was originally owned by a Mr Simpkin from whom my Dad purchased the whole block. Eventually my first husband and I bought the flat and refurbished it. The corner shop, my Dad turned it into a bedsit for my Nan. It is towards the top of Southover Street with Quebec Street on the left and Finsbury Road on the right.

    By Susan Gothard (06/01/2024)

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