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Photographed in the 1970s

This photograph was taken in Brighton in the 1970s.

Have you an idea of where it was taken?

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Mystery photo
Royal Pavilion and Museums Brighton

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  • Is it Cranbourne Street leading down to West Street?

    By Derek Lake (19/09/2018)
  • Sorry Jennifer, that one’s easy, Cranbourne Street looking towards Queens Road.

    By Mr Peter Groves (19/09/2018)
  • I’m fairly sure that this is a photo of Cranbourne Street looking east towards West Street. Growing up in Brighton in the 50s and 60s I remember many visits to the Model Aerodrome Shop which was on the corner of Cranbourne Street and West Street and there was a dry cleaners on the opposite corner and I can just make out the name ‘Metro’ in the photograph.

    By Peter Grossmith (19/09/2018)
  • This looks like Cranbourne Street looking into West Street.

    By Pernod (20/09/2018)
  • Panorama Travel had three addresses at this time: 89a Church Road, Hove. (Head Office), 12 Pavilion Buildings, and 50 West Street. I can’t find a listing for any of the other shops shown. The car in the right hand corner of the photo is a Ford Escort introduced in 1968.

    By Tim Sargeant (20/09/2018)
  • London Terrace looking towards Baker Street?

    By Rosanna (20/09/2018)
  • Cranbourne St north side where it runs down to West St. I was working at Sainsburys in Churchill Sq. in the early 70s so this was a familiar area.

    By Geoffrey Mead (20/09/2018)
  • Is it Cranbourne Street, looking down to West Street?

    By Ray (20/09/2018)
  • I think this is looking east along Cranbourne Street towards West Street. There used to be a Metro Dry Cleaners on the corner of those two roads.

    By Alan Hobden (20/09/2018)
  • The photo was taken in Cranbourne Street. It is just off of West Street.

    By Tony Dube (21/09/2018)
  • I think this is walking down Cranbourne St. towards West Street.

    By Tony Caig (21/09/2018)
  • Kelly’s Brighton and Hove Directory for 1972 lists the 3 shops in the photograph, on the Northern side of Cranbourne Street, as Covent Garden (fruiterers), Gwendoline Page Boutique (ladies outfitters) and on the corner of West Street was Metro Cleaners Ltd.

    By Peter Grossmith (03/10/2018)
  • Definitely Cranbourne Street going down towards West Street. The fruit shop was originally a sweet shop run by 2 guys in the 1950s. Later became Wally Fielding’s Betting shop (my mum worked in there). On the opposite corner was the Lamb and Flag Pub – run by Cecil and ‘Aunty’. The pub (not the landlord) was involved in the Brighton Police trials, circa 1960. Over the road (opposite corner) was Bert Bassett’s butcher shop (Grenville Place) Bottom L/corner was the Airfix/model plane shop.

    By John Dowsett (01/11/2019)
  • There was a clothes shop on the left called Rag Freak with a Union Jack painted above the front of the shop. One of my first summer jobs selling jeans and T-shirts. The jeans were super tight flares, Southern Comfort if I remember and the T’s were capped sleeve . Mr and Mrs Winston owned the shop and also another shop in West Street just around the corner.

    By Roger Gillespie (25/01/2022)
  • I used to go to the Shoe Box at number 3 Cranbourne Street. ( just checked in a 1964 Kelly’s Directory) There was another Shoe Box in Bath Place, Worthing. They were owned by brothers who looked very similar. Could have been twins. Remember the flat slip on shoes with pointed toes!

    By Cherrie Taylor (16/01/2024)

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