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1939 Education Week

Mystery School

The past two Mystery School photos taken from the 1939 Education Week booklet  have been far too easy (particularly for Janet), but this one will not be, trust me! The view of the sleeping children, looking out of the open doors, has no clues like the past photos, so I think it is going to be hard to name the Mystery School. 

I am off on holiday to Sicily for a week, so you all have time to ponder over the photo. There is a second photo, taken at the same time, looking at the same room, but from the outside.  I will leave you guessing for a week, and when I am back I will email the second photo to Jennifer, she can add it to the page, and probably then it will be easier to establish the school!

Second photo

As promised, the exterior shot for the mystery school. Does this help?


Nursery Rest Time
From the Education Week booklet owned by Peter Groves
Exterior shot of the nursery
From the Education Week booklet owned by Peter Groves

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  • Is it maybe St. Mary’s Hall?

    By Mick Peirson (17/06/2016)
  • I cannot name the school, but I believe that most children (as well as adults) were advised to sleep with windows and / or doors open so as to benefit from as much fresh air as possible when they were suffering with TB.

    By Alan Phillips (17/06/2016)
  • It looks like Tarnerland Nursery. I went there in the mid ’50s. 

    By Ray S (18/06/2016)
  • Well, Peter, you said the next one wouldn’t be easy – and you were right! It looked as though it was built between the wars, with those French windows. But, apart from that thought, I was well and truly stumped! Now I’ve read your comment, Ray, I can confirm that your memory is spot on. There is a very similar photograph of those dear little sleeping children on the Imperial War Museum website, of all places. Have a lovely holiday, Peter.

    By Janet Beal (19/06/2016)
  • You mybrightonandhove bloggers always amaze me; I think Ray S is correct, in fact he is correct!  From the photo, I had no idea which nursery or location, even with the second photo, which shows a glimpse of a house, I had no idea.  Now that Ray has suggested Tarnerland Nursery, I have looked at google street view, and the small glimpse house in the background of the second photo can be seen.  I will email the second photo to Jennifer!  Well done Ray, but the next one wont be so easy!

    By Pete (22/06/2016)

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