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Yale Football Club

We have come across two photos of the Yale Football Club, which show my husband’s Uncle Stan, Stanford Wilson aka Steve.

He appears to be captain of the team as he is pictured in the centre holding the ball in each photo. We also have a couple of medals in silver and enamel with which he was presented.

I can find no reference to this club anywhere. Can anyone help us? If you have any information, please leave a comment below.

Yale Football Club
From the private collection of June Churchill
Yale Football Club
From the private collection of June Churchill

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  • The medals are the Vernon Wentworth Cup medals. I will post a photo when they have been polished.

    By June Churchill (18/06/2014)
  • In my role as Chairman of the Brighton Hove and District Football League I can confirm that Vale Football Club were members of our League. They played at Whitehawk Bottom. If you would like us to give further details, please access our website for contact details.

    By Ian Farrell (19/06/2014)
  • Surely it is a “Y” for Yale on the balls and the caption Ian, rather than a “V” for Vale?

    By Alan Hobden (28/09/2014)
  • Yes, it’s definitely Yale.

    By June Churchill (09/08/2015)
  • Can any one identify the photographic studio where this photo was taken. Probably be Brighton somewhere. I would be delighted to know,

    By Gloria Rees (06/01/2021)
  • I asked Brighton’s leading photo historian David Simkin for his help on this and this is his reply.
    The answer to the question is not that straight-forward.
    “Between 1914 and 1917, G. A. Wiles had a photographic portrait studio at 10 Stanford Road, Brighton. By 1918, G. A. Wiles was based at 25 Prestonville Road, Brighton.The postcards of Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club teams and individual players of Brighton & Hove Albion F. C. that were produced after the First World War were taken by George Albert Wiles (1877-1955) who, from 1918, was based at 25 Prestonville Road, Brighton. [Up to 1914, photographs of B&HA teams and players were taken by Ebenezer Pannell of 75 Church Road, Hove]. The photographs were taken on location so it was not necessary to have a studio at 25 Prestonville Road, Brighton.George Albert Wiles would have been based at 25 Prestonville Road, Brighton when the photograph of the Brighton & Hove Albion Football Team was produced for the 1919-1920 season.
    G. A. Wiles remained at 25 Prestonville Road, Brighton until about 1933. However in 1922, G. A. Wiles joined the photography firm of Deane, Martin & Wiles (which, in 1926, became Deane, Wiles & Millar) and it was these firms that produced photographs of B&HA teams and players from 1922 until the Second World War.
    From around 1910, photographs of the crowds of match spectators at Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club matches were taken by Thomas Walter Stephen Wiles (1870-1950), the older brother of George Albert Wiles. Thomas W. S. Wiles was a stationer with a shop at 33 George Street, Hove. Wiles published these Brighton & Hove Albion postcards from his shop at 33 George Street, Hove.
    From 1918, Thomas Wiles’ younger brother, George Albert Wiles also took photographs of the spectating crowds at the Brighton & Hove Albion football matches on his brother’s behalf and the resulting postcards were produced at Thomas W. S. Wiles’s shop at 33 George Street, Hove. From 1922, these match day crowds were photographed for Deane, Martin & Wiles and Deane, Wiles & Millar, firms with business premises at 26 Market Street, Brighton.

    By Dr Geoffrey Mead (07/01/2021)
  • To Dr Geoffrey Mead and David Simkin,
    Thankyou for the information regarding the studio.
    I have a photograph of a wedding taken there. This is a great site and without your help I could never have found the information, it helps flesh out the bones of my family tree Thank you once again.

    By Gloria Rees (25/02/2021)

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