A happy Brighton childhood

Peter Pan’s Playground

Peter Pan’s playground played a large part in my childhood. Many a wonderful day was spent there. I remember singing “there’s a hole in my bucket” and receiving a lollypop. Uncle Jack who ran the children’s shows was great! I also remember going to the roller rink nearby. Of course when we were children we loved spending time at the Black Rock swimming pool. It was always very busy there. It just seems to me that there was so much available for children at that time.

Catching newts in Queen’s Park

Some days, Mum would pack us up sandwiches and a bottle of water. Then we would go to a shop, I think it was in Sloane Street, to get lemonade powder. Queen’s Park was another favourite place for us. We used to have so much fun catching newts. Many a day during school holidays was spent at the Museum. I have a memory of the wonderful gold carriage set in a huge room. I don’t know who it had belonged to, but it was beautiful.

A lime Mivvi

As a special treat, we would be taken to the cinema to see Norman Wisdom films. Mum would have a large bag of crusty rolls that she would butter, add a cheese triangle, pass it along the row, and ask if you wanted a tomato. As a child I thought that was so embarrassing. Of course  If mum was flush, we had an ice cream. My particular favourite was a lime Mivvi.

A child’s idea of heaven

Even if we did not go out anywhere, at home in Bevendean was really a child’s idea of heaven. We were free to roam the fields behind our house, and play for hours and hours in the haystacks. I can honestly say that I always felt free and happy and never afraid. They were happy days indeed.

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