Trees flung round like matchsticks

After the storm
Photo by Biddy Cox

“I walked round Brighton the morning after the hurricane of the night of October 15th 1987. That night winds of 108 miles per hour were recorded. My photograph shows how the force of the wind wrenched mature trees and flung them around like matchsticks.

The area round the oldest church in Brighton was badly hit. The old tombs were badly battered and their lids lifted, such was the dramatic devastation of this lovely old graveyard. St. Nicholas church dates back to approx 1370.

My name is Biddy Cox and I have lived in Brighton for many years.”

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  • How is a hurricane is formed?

    By Jessie Emma Potter (05/02/2005)
  • In October 1987 I was 8 and remember having asked the day before whether lightning could break windows. My sister and I awoke to the noise of smashing tiles and thought it was windows breaking. Suffice to say we spent the night listening to the storm in our parent’s room!

    By Gavin Ayling (24/09/2005)
  • Sounds really bad. I should know. I’m from New Orleans.

    By Fiona Jones (29/11/2005)

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