Destruction and replanting at Hove Park

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Total destruction

For many years I had been employed by Hove Borough Council running a small workshop in Hove Park Yard. On my way to work on the morning of the storm I noticed little damage on my route to work, until driving down the road next to the Engineerium, I got my first view of the total destruction.

900 trees lost

Later that morning whilst driving through the park with the park supervisor we were stopped by a member of the rugby club asking us if we could clear the pitch as he had a match that afternoon! Over 900 trees were lost in Hove Park alone. The view looking east before the storm had so many mature trees it was like walking through a dark tunnel in the summer months.

Elms sold to make coffins

I spent the next few weeks repairing, servicing and sharpening chain saws for most of the contractors that were brought in by the council to help clear up the mess. I had to contact firms as far away as Bristol for spare parts. It is sad to say that even more destruction was caused by the contractors ‘clearing the park’. They used a lot of very heavy plant to move and remove the fallen trees. The felled trees were sold Europe wide; some elms went to France where they were used to make coffins.

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  • Lovely picture. How could I get in touch with Ken Barrington to talk about one of his pictures?

    By Mathilde MARINET (20/11/2012)

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