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Wounded Soldiers in Hove

This photograph of a group of soldiers shows my great grandfather Charles Sparks, second from the left.  As you can see the notation suggests a hospital in Hove.  Does anyone know which hospital that might be?

The photograph is apparently one of the European War Series 206.  I wonder if this means anything to anyone.  Charles Sparks was a Royal Engineer for the East Surrey Regiment.  This shows him having lost two fingers on his right hand.  He was sent back to the front and lost his left arm judging from the only photo of him that was taken after he lost his arm.  Charles died in 1943 aged 53.

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  • I imagine it would be the old Hove Hospital on Sackville Road.

    By Tim Hodges (27/05/2009)
  • There were several hospitals used by wounded soldiers in WW1 in Hove. The list of military hospitals receiving wounded British and Dominion troops shows: “Lady George Nevill”, 24 Palmeira Square, Hove belonging to Lord and Lady Nevill. The Larnach Hospital, 38 Adelaide Crescent, Hove belonging to the son of the Nevill family. British Red Cross Society, 6 Third Avenue, Hove, 40 beds and operating theatre. The Royal Pavilion, Brighton. Hove & Sussex Grammar School (BHASVIC): converted into a 520 bed military hospital to receive Dominion troops in February 1915. 5 Eastern Terrace and some other houses in Kemp Town. “The Kemp Town Hospital” Royal Sussex County Hospital, Eastern Road, 100 beds. Hove Dispensary (Hove General Hospital), Sackville Road, 20 beds, Stanford Road School.

    By David Shelton (17/09/2009)
  • I dont think its Hove Hospital, it did not have a pebble-dash finish render coat!

    By Peter Groves (30/03/2010)
  • Just signed up here and will have a go at posting a photo of the Matron and staff at 6 Third Avenue, Hove. This real photo postcard was sent home by a Canadian soldier in 1919.

    By Allan Hubbell (02/05/2010)
  • I hoped that pasting in the photo’s URL from a photo sharing website would display the photo but I see that didn’t work. Can you direct me to any instructions on how to post a photo in a comment on this site?

    Editor’s reply: Sorry but it is not possible to submit photos in our comments. We do not allow links to other sites’ photos either. If you wish to submit photographs you will find a link to a video on how to do this on the front page of the site. Please do remember that we will only publish photos with the explicit permission of the holder of the copyright to the images.

    By Allan Hubbell (02/05/2010)
  • This photo was taken at what is now West Hove Infant School. It was known as Portland Road Council School in those days. During WW1 it became part of the 2nd Eastern General Hospital, serving as a satellite to the Hove General Hospital. Many wounded solders came through its doors mainly for recuperation after being patched up at other locations. I have several other photos of the school at this time. If the editor sends me an email I would be happy to share them with you.
    [Editor: If you would like some help uploading photos to the site, please contact us at]

    By Paul Rose (04/11/2010)
  • Thanks Paul for that information, would love to see the photos you mentioned. I have another photo taken inside the hospital.

    By Adam Dennis (26/11/2010)
  • Can anyone give me information including photos on which types of wounded soldiers were treated at any of the hospitals? By that I mean specialised treatments at one hospital or other, or officers at one and men at others.

    By David Shelton (22/05/2013)
  • Yes, this was West Hove Infant School in School Road. I now work in that actual classroom (windows behind the men) and I have been shown some photos of the school when it was used as a hospital but mainly of the classroom that I work in when it was used as a ward.

    By Kelly-Anne Richards (18/06/2015)
  • To Kelly-Anne Richards.  I have a picture of some of the wounded men including my Great Grandfather inside the school. Possibly in your classroom as you say it was used as a ward.   

    By Adam Dennis (18/08/2015)
  • Adam, I have colourised your photograph and added it to my Facebook WW1 Page, I’m hoping you approve and would love to hear more about Charles Sparks.

    By Doug Banks (25/04/2016)
  • Hi Doug.  Yes that’s great.  It is the first colour photo of my great grandfather that I have seen and he looks even more like my grandad than ever. I was wondering, do you know whether you need to know the colours people were wearing etc to colour a photo accurately?  Do you have an email address that I can use to forward another photo postcard to you of my great grandfather Charles Sparks inside the hospital?

    By Adam Dennis (03/06/2016)
  • Hi Adam, I forgot I wrote on here. Could you send them to me via email please,  I would be very greatful.

    By Kelly-Anne Richards (24/06/2016)
  • My paternal grandfather served 1st Bn East Surrey Regiment and was first taken to 6 – 3rd Ave, Hove when he was wounded in France.  Are there any photos of this establishment.  Is it still standing.


    By Donna King (15/10/2017)
  • My paternal grandfather Abraham Isaac Cannell,first hospital after losing his leg was No 6 3rd Avenue, Hove near Brighton, Sussex.

    By Donna (11/01/2020)
  • Hi Donna. If you click on Alan Hubbells link you will see a picture of the matron and nurses at no 6 3rd Avenue. I will look into your questions.

    By Adam Dennis (06/03/2020)

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