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The Aquarium

Sealife Centre
Photo by Tony Mould

Fascinating but gloomy

I had been taken to the Aquarium a few times during my childhood, it was always a fascinating but very gloomy interior – quite frightening sometimes. You would peer through the glass into the somewhat murky waters and suddenly a large fish would loom into view, giving you quite a fright.

Mods and Rockers

My main memory however was during the mid 1960s when the Mods and Rockers invaded Brighton, every Bank Holiday. I was helping out friends who ran the café. At that time it was at the front of the building, at the bottom of the steps. The Mods were being chased down the steps. They ran into the café and asked if there was a back way out. When I said ‘No’ they ran back out and through the passageway onto the beach.

Exciting times

I still recall the excitement of those times, I wasn’t a Mod or a Rocker but I can remember the huge numbers on their bikes/scooters ,heading down the London Road and along Grand Parade. It all seems quite violent when you look back at old newsreels and photos but I don’t recall anyone being killed or even seriously injured. The main ‘weapons’ being used were deckchairs it seems!

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  • Yes I was there, I was a rocker. We didn’t hurt any one but I do recall a couple of scooters going off the pier. Sadly I don’t live there anymore, moved in 1965 to Nottingham.

    By Anne Ball (24/09/2010)

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