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East Brighton Park

East Brighton Park
Photo by Tony Mould

Playing lots of sports

This park is very near my home. I have pictures of me when I was very little playing on the swings and slides. Now I enjoy playing lots of sports. I play with my school hockey team up on the astro-turf, and I practice tennis with my family on the tennis courts near the football pitch.

Varied wildlife

There is a lot of wildlife in and around the park, including lots of rabbits and different kinds of birds. In the summer we go for walks on the hills, sometimes in the early morning or evening as the park is very close to my home.

Sledging in the snow

We often have picnics in the dog-free area and sometimes even eat our fish and chips there. I really enjoy going to the annual dog show. East Brighton Park is a great place to go sledging in the snow.

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  • There used to be three grass tennis courts and a clay court in this area. There was also an 18 hole putting course, where I spent many happy hours as a kid. All looks a bit run down and seedy. Such a shame!

    By Paul Hubbard (10/07/2010)
  • I remember East Brighton Park as a huge and very well kept park.You had to behave and watch out for the Park Keeper. My family used to come down from London and we would spend hours and days at the park. The Pitch and Put was perfect; not a blade of grass out of place. The tennis courts were perfect – even though I never played. We would go over and watch the cricket; there was always a good crowd there. At bonfire time me and my brothers and friends would go over there at night and split up and throw fire works at each other. Not very health and safety – but nobody got hurt. We used to play rounders in the pitch on the way to the inclosed ground. My Mum wants her Ashes scattered there with my Dad’s. The park is not the same now – very run down. It’s very sad when it’s invaded with caravans. Does anybody remember the Circus that came to the pitches down from the Fire Station? It had real animals -tigers and lions! All the best. Andy.

    By Andy Gumbrill (03/11/2011)
  • Hi Andy, yes I remember the circus! What year?

    By Lee Rolf (04/01/2012)
  • Hi Andy, yes I remember going with mum to the circus. I think it was about 1965. The elephants amazed me.

    By Tony Brachman (23/04/2012)

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