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Cissbury Road

Cissbury Road
Photo by Peter Groves
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Almost where I started

The end of my personal tour is almost back to where I started. Cissbury Road is just a stone’s throw away from Osmond Road where I lived as a baby.  I love this area; it’s so central.  I can easily walk to the city centre or the beach in ten minutes. With the busy Seven Dials just five minutes away, it has everything I need, within a short distance.

Pleasantly spacious houses

Cissbury Road was built around 1900. The houses are of attractive Edwardian design, many with fine original features still intact, and are pleasantly spacious.  Although the gardens are small, it makes them ‘manageable’, which is certainly a plus factor as I get older.

The nicest park in the city

Anyway who needs a large garden when, arguably, the nicest park in the city, St Ann’s Well Gardens is just a five-minute walk away?  The park is possibly the most popular in the city because of those small ‘town gardens’of the area.  It’s at its most beautiful in the spring when crocuses blanket the ground, and then soon afterwards blossom suddenly appears on all the trees.

Enjoying my second love

In the opposite direction to the north, and just across the road, is BHASVIC playing fields, where I can play football with my young son Tom.  On warm summer nights, if the playing field is empty, I can even practice golf, which I love nearly as much as Brighton.

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  • Just come upon this web site – Great and even better as I lived in No. 7 Cissbury Road as a young lad from 1960 or so onwards until 1970. This whole site brings back some strong feelings – wow. I live in Scotland now but come down every now and again and still think this is one of the best places in the UK/world!

    By Patrick O'Hara (09/01/2012)
  • I lived at 23 Cissbury Road from 1948 to 1959, loved the area and small shops, parks. I attended Hove County Grammar School for Girls.

    By Jean Piner (nee Earland) (09/01/2012)

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