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Beautiful roofs

Spectacular gabled roof, Medina Villas
Photo by Peter Groves
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The most famous roof?

The Royal Pavilion has probably the most famous roof in the country.  However across Brighton and Hove there are many other ‘not so famous’ attractive roofs. There are numerous around the city, the splendour of which closely compares to that of The Royal Pavilion .  Some, like that of the Sassoon Mausoleum / Hanbury Arms / Bombay Bar, may have been inspired by The Royal Pavilion , others seem to be just the whim of the architect, and the skills of the craftsmen.

Extensive variation

Most people probably don’t notice these beautiful Brighton roofs at all, and they barely get a glance. It’s a shame because many have just as agreeable a style, as the buildings themselves. The variation is extensive, from stylish through to the extravagant and weird!

Simple but elegant

Take for instance the simple but elegant low-hipped roof of Montpelier Lodge; or the spectacular gabled roof found at the bottom of Medina Villas.  Other types also found in Brighton are, mansard, which has two slopes on each of its four sides, the similar gambrel roof with only two sides.

Look out for others

A number of properties, in more central areas of Brighton and Hove, built prior to 1900 have impressive spires; one at the top of The Drive is a fine example, although there are many others worth looking out for.


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