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Belgrave Place

Belgrave Place
Photo by Peter Groves
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Beautiful Regency architecture

Along with Brighton Station and the Royal Pavilion, another quality, which makes Brighton what it is today, is the beautiful Regency architecture. Most of the squares and terraces are well known, however one not so renowned is Belgrave Place in Kemp Town.

Grander neighbours

Its probably less well know than its close grand neighbours Lewes Crescent and Sussex Square, this is probably due to its size. However, because it’s so small, and leads nowhere, it’s a hidden gem. Built during the early Victorian period, its construction date of 1846 is proudly and boldly depicted on the centre building.

A very desirable residence

Even if I look at it now, it’s easy to visualize it in grander times!  More than one hundred and fifty years ago, there would have been no cars. As it would have been one of the most desirable residences of the town, one can imagine horse drawn cabs and gas lamps. Of course there would have been grand dinner parties and numerous servants.  Probably it changed little between 1846 and 1946, but it’s still possible now to close your eyes and think back to those times.

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  • I really loved finding this photo and have looked at it a lot! I moved from Brighton with my parents in 1972 and am currently stuck in boring Norfolk. However, I’m gonna take a trip to Brighton soon and will visit this Square. Regards, Jo

    By Jo Meissner (24/10/2010)
  • I lived at no 8 Belgrave Place from 1989-1998. I used to love hearing the sea roaring at night in a winter storm. I didn’t have much money then and the area was unfortunately quite run down, it seems better now. I saw an old photo of the street once, with no cars at all, it looked very different! I also have a photo with the old Volks railway spider car that went in the sea, with the close in the background.

    By Steve Hedges (06/09/2017)

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