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Brunswick Square

Brunswick Square, viewed from the seafront
Photo by Tony Mould

Varied and fine architecture

I love the varied and fine architecture of Brighton and Hove, and have chosen this square as part of my tour for several reasons. It is very fine and its distinctive colour makes it, and the whole Brunswick estate, an obvious entity in the landscape. Everytime I drive along the seafront I try to look up Brunswick Square, and I walk through it if along in Hove.

Grandfather lived here

My grandfather lived in Brighton briefly before the Second World War. He rented several flats but eventually achieved his aim of living in  Brunswick Square. He loved roaming round the North Laine and at one time bought a walking stick that had belonged to Sigrid Sassoon – this has long disappeared from our family.

Combines old and new

The William Lambert who built the seawall owned a house in the square. I don’t know if he ever lived there, but it was part of his estate when he died in the 1860s. He was surveyor of the Brunswick estate after C A Busby. The square both moves with the times and retains its old character, although I expect my ancestors who must have walked round the area throughout most of Queen Victoria’s reign would find it very different now.

Interesting social history

I remember years ago visiting the Regency Town House and being especially fascinated by the very old kitchen then recently acquired in another house nearby. The social history behind these squares and houses is as interesting as the architecture – the lives of ordinary people, not just the rich and famous.


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  • My Granny was neither rich nor famous but, she my Grandad along with my two uncles lived here. I can’t remember which number but, I think it was on the left with your back to the sea. She was the caretaker and they lived in the basement. I have some photos.They had moved from Ireland as did my Mum who was the caretaker at 2 Waterloo St. We lived there until about 1953.

    By Anne Ball (24/09/2010)

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