The newest nicest estate

Joyce Cobbett, Bevendean resident
Photograph taken by Zoë Woods
View of Sussex Downs from Bevendean
Photograph taken by Zoë Woods.
View of the sea from Bevendean
Photograph taken by Zoë Woods

I came over from Whitehawk in 1952. I was in a prefab in Whitehawk and my husband worked nearer here. You could swap your houses in those days. Somebody wanted my prefab, [some other] people wanted a 3 bedroom house and I wanted to come over here so we did a three way swap.

When we came out here it was the newest, nicest estate in Brighton. This estate was more or less built when I came over; it was quite an established estate. I like it because you have got the country. You are surrounded by the Downs and you have only got to go over the top and you have the sea. Before I did my hip in I used to walk to the sea. This is a lovely estate, it’s a beautiful estate. I mean I wouldn’t want to move for anything.

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  • I grew up in Lower Bevendean from 1954 until I got married in 1971. I remember going to Bevendean School with James Cobbett and my mum belonged to the Young Wives Group and used to clean the church known as The Old Barn Church. My sister Shirley Smith was christened there by Father Chapman.

    By Christine Smith (18/11/2007)
  • Did any of you know Miss Gunn? She now lives in my care home, Meadowcroft in Shoreham-by-Sea, and will be reaching the grand age of 100 on the 22nd February. I was trying to get some of her past pupils to attend a birthday party on the day at 3pm. Anyone who would remember her and would like to come, please email me on Thank you.

    By Rachel Mohidin (07/02/2010)
  • l have just come across the piece written by Joyce Cobbett and l think she might have a daughter call Jacqueline who was in my class at Bevendean School in the ’60s. I lived in Bevendean at 164, Norwich Drive into the ’90s and my mother lived there still for many years after. I couldn’t have wished for a happier childhood growing up with the fields to play in and many friends living all around me. If you think you might know me, email

    By David Batchelor (22/05/2017)
  • I lived in Bevendean and I was born in Heathhill Avenue 1955, on the site of the Heather Lodge nursing home. I then moved with my family, my brother Mike, sister Pat and Mum Joan and Dad Jim to Manton Road at no 11, which was situated up the “banjo” on the right at the top. Is there anyone who remembers us and the great times we all had as kids. Please get in touch

    By Roger Heath (31/08/2017)
  • Joyce Cobbett was my teacher at Sunday School. A lovely lady and very patient!

    By John (19/08/2020)

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