By Anthea and Steve Myall, Clifton residents

I’m Anthea Myall. I’ve been in Brighton since 1968 when I came to the Royal Sussex County Hospital to train as a nurse. I’m now one of the occupational health visitors at American Express in Brighton.

I actually became involved in the My Brighton project when I read in the Amex news that the project was being launched and they were asking for people to send in their personal tours.

My husband’s name is Steve Myall. We now live in Clifton Hill, on the site of the old Mews that served the pub in Clifton Hill.

This tour that we chose of the Clifton and Powis area builds up a picture of the area in which we live. It is based on a research project that I did as a student at the Brighton University.

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  • Very interesting. I have lived in the area for a short time and have often wondered about the history of the area. Now I know!

    By Sue Heard (03/09/2004)
  • I used to go to school in Clifton Terrace (Clark’s College). We were taught that ‘Stranger on the Shore’ was filmed in the Terrace and portrayed as being on the beach, and that the film company painted the houses all white for the film. Is this true ?

    By Martin Wright (21/10/2004)
  • I used to go to Clarks College in Dyke Road/ Clifton Terrace around 1946 to 1950 having transferred from the school’s Old Steine premises. I joined the Evening Argus on leaving school and later worked in Fleet Street, Hastings and finally on The Irish Times in Dublin. I started my own business in Dublin. Now retired my sons run the business and I now live in Kemptown, Brighton.

    By Robert Coe (16/08/2007)
  • I was at Clarks College from 1959 to 1963. When Major Firth became head teacher.

    By Clive Morton (06/10/2008)
  • I attended Clark’s College in the early 60s, was there when Major Firth became head master. Was also there when an unfortunate incident occurred with a teacher that was hired who wasn’t well and bullied one of my classmates and as a result was fired and sent to a psychiatric institution.

    By Anita D (13/12/2008)
  • Thank you Anthea and Steve for such an interesting tour of Clifton area. I had a paper round in 1962-1963 which covered part of the area of your tour. In fact in 1964 my husband who was my boyfriend at the time carved our initials in a heart on the hospital wall at the bus stop while waiting for a no 38 bus.They were there for many years, until moss and rain gradually faded them away. We were married in 1968 at St Nicholas church. Our three children have spent a visit or two, as patients at the hospital. I can only sing their praises, their treatment was excellent. What a shame that these individual and specialized hospitals have to go into one big funnel. We emigrated in 1981 to Australia and now live on the wonderful Sunshine Coast, Queensland. We did a return visit in 1991 and everywhere was just the same. I don’t think I would like to see the changes now. This web site is wonderful for anyone overseas, thank you.

    By Sally Tregellis Nee Kershaw (19/10/2011)
  • I believe Steve tried to contact me, but my supplier saw his few words as spam. If it was him, ask him to try again, but with far more text this time.

    By roy grant (25/03/2024)

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