A charming village

The pond at Rottingdean
Photo from a private collection

“We travel further east again to Brighton’s only village which is Rottingdean. As you go through the village there is a charming pond with ducks and various waterfowl on. If you look straight across the pond you can see the house of the famous writer Rudyard Kipling.”

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  • Rottingdean is indeed a pretty and historic village. Does anybody know any information about the woman who was accused of being a witch and was drowned in the old pond many years ago?

    By J. Waters (04/03/2004)
  • I think I’ve read everything there is to read about the history of Rottingdean and I’ve never seen anything about anyone being drowned in the pond!

    By Richard (28/11/2005)
  • Came to Rottingdean today to show the lovely duck pond to my guest from USA. What a shock – no ducks just weeds.

    By Nicky Fisher (28/06/2006)

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